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Update on Payment Systems

Good day! Profitov.Partners here. We’re a private international gambling affiliate program.

Once Visa/MasterCard have suspended their services in Russia, webmasters are on the hook because it’s unclear how to deposit and withdraw money. Hereby, we have gathered relevant information as of 23 March 2022.

Note! The situation changes every day. One of the payment methods below might become irrelevant in the days to follow.

Where to Withdraw Money?

Let’s start with the big question: where to withdraw money and how to replenish the balance?


As of March 2022, cryptocurrency and Capitalist are the two top methods to withdraw and deposit money.

There are several crypto wallets in the market: Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Exodus, Trust Wallet, and others. Let’s talk about the latter first, as it is easy to use. How do I download Trust Wallet?

  1. Go to PlayMarket/the official website.
  2. Download the Trust App.
  3. Enter a 6-digits combination — your secret code to access the app.
  4. Then, Trust will generate a combination of 12 words. Write them down or take a screenshot. These 12 words allow access to your wallet.

Attention: on 22 March, Trust Wallet became temporarily unavailable in the AppStore. Only registered users can use it now. The developers say they are “working on a solution”. For now, opt for the Trust Wallet alternatives we mentioned above.

Now, many people opt for USDT cryptocurrency since its rate is pegged to the US dollar: 150 USDT = 150 USD. The majority of services accept TRC-20 USDT, but there are cases with ERC-20.

Take the following steps to enable cryptocurrency:

  1. Click on the icon at the top right.

  1. Enter USDT/other currency.
  2. Select the desired one.

How to Withdraw Money from a Trust Wallet?

There are two options to withdraw money from Trust Wallet: via the Binance P2P market or exchangers.


Binance P2P requires KYC verification. To withdraw money from the market, first, you must sell the cryptocurrency:

  1. Click “Fiat balance”.
  2. Click “Sell cryptocurrency”.
  3. Sell it.

Money is withdrawn from P2P to the AdvCash Wallet. To withdraw funds, go to “Buy cryptocurrency” “Replenishment from the card” “Withdrawal”.


If you do not want to provide the market with your details, opt for exchangers: they do not require KYC verification. For example, there’s a BestChange exchange aggregator. It will provide you with the current rates depending on the cryptocurrency type and the withdrawal method. Below, there are exchange rates offered by exchangers when withdrawing USDT TRC-20 to the ruble card of Tinkoff Bank:

Another option is to find a person in your city of residence who’ll exchange cryptocurrency for cash.


Capitalist Service allows users to store, deposit, and withdraw money. Today, it is the next most popular solution after cryptocurrency.

Capitalist offers virtual cards in USD/EUR currency. They operate under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom. Such cards are easily bonded to Facebook, and, according to some publishers, a single Capitalist card might work with several accounts at once.

The cards are issued for EU residents, but you won’t need to attach your ID. That is, a card can be issued by a resident of any country.

To date, the service temporarily suspended the issue of the virtual cards due to high workflow overload.

You can replenish your balance at Capitalist with cryptocurrency. They don’t give away any information to the tax service, so this is the best option for publishers.


WebMoney handles the problem of depositing and withdrawing money with three types of wallets: WME, WMZ, and WMX/WML.


This payment method replaced WMZ. WME is a euro wallet used by a few people. But still, this is another way to replenish the balance in the affiliate network.


On 12 March, TelePay was introduced and therefore WebMoney allowed withdrawing funds again with a few conditions:

  • You can withdraw money only to a ruble card;
  • The limit is 14,500 rubles per card;
  • You can withdraw money only to MasterCard.

Withdrawal via exchangers like C2C is still available as well. Some webmasters advise placing small orders for $10-20 if you want to withdraw money quickly. In case you place an order for $100, it may take several hours to process.


WebMoney offers cryptocurrency analogues:

  • WMX = 0.001 BTC;
  • WML = 0.001 LTC.

You can convert WMZ to 0.001 of bitcoin or litecoin, and then withdraw it to a crypto wallet. But the commission fee for this procedure is high, so you might want to exchange WMZ for rubles via an exchanger rather than exchange it to WMZ WMX/WML crypto wallet.


Some affiliate programs and ad networks make payments to Payoneer— an international payment system headquartered in the United States. The service does not work with the cards of sanctioned banks.

Pioneer still works with its clients from Russia who signed up earlier. But new users cannot sign up regularly since they removed Russian Federation from the list of countries.

You still can sign up via Payoneer partners such as:

  • iStock;
  • Shutterstock;
  • Pond5;
  • Vectorstock;
  • Pixta;
  • Motion Elements.

Attention: when registering via ShutterStock, you’ll be offered a ruble account only. To log in to Pioneer, you’ll require VPN.

Payoneer Card

Residents of Russia can no longer issue a Pioneer Card. You can do it only if you live outside the Russian Federation. But you must confirm your place of residence with the lease agreement, utility bills, or any other related documents.


Paxum is a Canadian payment system. Some affiliate programs and advertising networks accept it, so we will consider this option as well.

Unlike Payoneer, Paxum allows clients from Russia and welcomes all first-time users. But keep in mind that the service won’t allow you to withdraw money to the cards of sanctioned Russian banks.

Since 2020, Paxum cards do not work in Russia, so you can only opt for a digital wallet. Some publishers disparage the service due to a prolonged verification, which can take up to three months.


Instead of Visa and MasterCard, they proposed to opt for UnionPay and Mir payment systems. One can’t pay with the Mir on the Internet, so all that’s left is UnionPay – the Chinese international payment system. You can use it with TikTok but, unfortunately, it won’t work on Facebook. 

The following banks issue UnionPay cards today:

  • Russian Agricultural Bank;
  • Gazprombank;
  • Solidarnost;
  • Post Bank;
  • Primsotsbank;
  • Zenit Bank.

Tinkoff Bank is developing the virtual cobage Mir – UnionPay cards. With the Mir – UnionPay card, you’ll be able to withdraw money abroad and pay for foreign services. So far, one cannot issue Mir – UnionPay card, but Tinkoff Bank promised to resolve the issue “ASAP”.


Advanced Cash is another payment system to work with affiliate programs and ad networks.

Since March 2022, the issue of plastic cards has been suspended for Russian and Ukrainian citizens. For citizens of Belarus, UnionPay cards are restricted “by rules of the emitent”. But you can issue a virtual card. service resolves two issues at once:

  • Ruble income abroad;
  • Wire transfers of foreign currency.

On the home page, select your situation and contact the support via Telegram. They will advise on your case:

What Works with Facebook Accounts?

Now, let’s figure out what works with FB accounts.


We’ve considered this method above. works for major players. The following partnership terms are required:

  • Team of publishers;
  • A turnover of > $40,000 per month.

AdsCard.Net issues cards for Google, Facebook, and TikTok.


The telegram bot @Zambulay_bot issues one-time or permanent cards. The first card is issued free of charge.


We monitor the situation and know of relevant and irrelevant information. We’ll help you select a working payment method, even if the payment method you usually use is no longer available. We aim at ensuring a stable workflow for each partner.

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