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How to earn money by file sharing?

Let’s reveal the secrets of fast money-making! Each of you at least once had to download and send through file sharing sites various information: books, games, movies, documents, etc.

Did you know that you can earn decent money with the help of file sharing sites?

Yes, it’s really! By uploading files, you can make a good income for yourself! Of course, you will not get into the Forbes list. But you will have a passive salary increase. And now we’ll tell you how to do it.

How to make money from file sharing sites?

File sharing services can pay you for downloads. The more of them, the higher your income. For every 1000 uploads, an amount of $ 5-25 is charged.

Step-by-step algorithm: how to earn money on file sharing?

  • You register on the file sharing site;
  • Then you should upload files;
  • Place links to download the file on popular resources (websites, forums, social networks, news sites, communities with high attendance);
  • Other users download your files;
  • The amount of reward depends on the geo the download comes from.

This is a classic way to make money on file sharing sites.

Let’s consider other options.

Cooperation with file partner programs

These are projects that offer monetary rewards for attracting users. The user downloads a file with an advertisement or the installation of a browser or an application. Then he is offered to install software from the advertiser (browser, toolbar, antivirus, etc.). If the user installs it (or he didn’t remove the check marks for installation), you receive a reward.

Earning with premium access

The user buys a premium account on a file sharing service and downloads files without advertising. The more users subscribe to premium to download files without ads at high speed, the higher your reward is.

Where to get file traffic?

If you want your files to attract as many users as possible, the best way out is to create a website. Put simply, a website for downloading free content. You can post any information on it: from popular music and movies to software and games.

For the experienced user, creating and promoting such a site is no more difficult than creating a profile in a social network. This one-time effort will bring you a stable passive income in the future.

Top-5 file sharing sites for earning money

File Mix

One of the most promising file sharing sites for making money. It pays 5% of the earnings of the users invited by you. There is payment for installations, push notifications, mobile traffic. The amount of payments depends on the GEO. The minimum payout on FileMix file sharing is $1.5.


File sharing with unlimited cloud storage. This means that you can distribute an unlimited amount of files. Payment terms are standard. And for those who want more, there are premium options.


The fastest possible download with the possibility to watch video online. Here you can set your own prices for each file. The user who wants to get access to it will pay according to your tariff. Some AusFile partners receive up to 80% from click-throughs.


The storage is unlimited, but the maximum file size is 5 GB. A good reporting system – earnings statistics can be viewed in real time. Guaranteed file protection, thanks to a special encryption system.

Turbobit Premium 

The top of file sharing sites for making money. The main advantage here is the highest rates. And also, the most convenient interface, transparent payment schemes. You can download and upload files from anywhere in the world. Supports both an affiliate earnings system and a program for resellers (purchase of links for subsequent resale). The most profitable resource if you want to earn from a premium account.

IT’S IMPORTANT TO KNOW: not all file sharing sites are suitable for making money. The well-known Mega file storage does not provide such an option. And the Letitbit file sharing service recently disabled it. Now they can only be used for downloading and storing information.

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