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Facebook Ads: Trends & Updates

Facebook and Instagram have undergone many updates this year but Meta will not stop here. In the fall of 2022, the company introduced new features, ad formats, payment options, and much more.

Let’s take a closer look at new Meta products and test-phase updates so that you can make the best use of them for affiliate income. As a reminder, you’re welcome to contact European Converting Team Affiliate managers for unique gambling, crypto, and leadgen offers.

Carousel Sounds for Reels

Since Reels were released, they attracted many advertisers. Lately, the Reels Ads provide great commercial delivery and work wonders. 

For users’ convenience, Meta has released a Carousel Tool — a free set of sounds and music to create viewy videos. Generating ads in your social account has never been easier. You can add the sound you want or allow the app to select a track based on the content of the video.

Scrollable Display Ads in Facebook Reels

Developers are now testing a new advertising tool — scrollable display carousel ads. Such ads may include two to ten images and are placed at the bottom of the Facebook Reels screen.

Custom Audience Targeting

The new Custom Audience Targeting Tool is similar to Lookalike Audience Tool but has different features. The algorithm we are familiar with seeks out an audience based on the 1%, 5%, or 10% lookalike principle while the new automated algorithm is to be far beyond that. It was revealed that the AI-based tool has a steep learning curve and will be capable of reaching both the existing and the most relevant new audience.

Post-Loop Reels

Meta is to launch a new format of video clips for advertisers — loop four-to-ten-seconds videos with an option to skip the video. The ads are to be displayed post-roll, after which the Reel will resume and loop. To date, the tool is in the testing phase.

New Lead Generation Format

It’s another new ad format or a lead generation tool from Facebook to be more precise. When launching the Lead Generation, the ad will redirect the customer either to the order form or to the messenger. The AI-based trainable algorithm will calculate how a particular user is most likely to interact.

Click to Messenger Ads

There is nothing some users enjoy better than talking. Click to Messenger ads will be targeted at such users and redirect them to messenger where they can contact the ad manager.

Instagram Explore Ads

The Instagram Explore section pops up when you enter a search query. The ad will be displayed in full view when the user visits the profile they are interested in and then try to return to the home page. This new ad format is also in the testing phase now.

Multi-Advertiser Ads

Long-term testing of the Multi-Advertiser PPC Ads exceeded all of Meta’s expectations. The format attracted the maximum users’ attention. After any positive interaction with an ad, the Multi-Advertiser AI will offer the user a similar ad for a similar product from another advertiser. 

AR Ads

The future is now. Users who have AR glasses or helmets will be able to view ads in posts and stories and literally try the promoted products on. For instance, they will be able to check the furnishing arrangement right at home or try on the jewelry.

Facebook & Instagram Content Filters

Meta is now actively testing instrumental content filters for Facebook and Instagram brand accounts. The new filters are to be launched in 2023 to boost content security.

Call Ads Update

Call Ads have undergone many updates this fall. Here are some of them:

  • A callback request in Facebook messenger — now customers can request a callback avoiding wasting precious time waiting for the next free operator;
  • 60 seconds — you can now target your ads to an audience ready to make a call for 60 seconds or more after viewing the ad;
  • Pre-call context represents another Ads Manager update when the customer is offered to get themselves familiarized with the comprehensive brand content (go to the website or landing page) to study details before the manager’s follow-up. Thus, Facebook assists advertisers in rejecting low-quality leads;
  • In-App Call — now, by clicking a Call Ad, the customer can call the advertiser in the Facebook app. Meta solemnly swears that calls are not recorded but internal data parameters are collected for reporting and improving the advertising service.

Some updates are related to local advertising and payment options. For instance, they released co-brand advertising for local delivery services in order to make the customer experience as convenient as possible.

There is also a new option to pay for goods and services right in Instagram DM. To use this feature, you must enable the “In-Chat Payment” option in the business page settings. Customers can pay via Meta Pay, credit card, or PayPal.

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