Google — auto[Reg]: Autologin Script For Google Accounts

The autologin script for Google accounts was written by Igor Litvinenko (Borodaty Arbitrazh).

Hey, I know I promised to post this little miracle some time ago but did not get around to doing that.

With it, you’ll be able to work with the account using the same hardware you used to sign up.

At the moment, the script works with INDIGO (tariff with API)

Compatible with macOS / Windows

But it adapts to others [ANTI-DETECT BROWSERS] because they all have Selenium. The only variable is the profile linking process.

Let’s go. What’s what:

If you use Windows OS, it implies that you already have Python installed (if you don’t, please, Google it, it’s easy to install)

Open the command line: (MacOS — terminal)

  • Input the following commands one after another:
  • pip install selenium
  • pip install smsactivateru
  • pip install requests

Create a folder and name it as you like. I have a “C:/gg/” folder

In the folder, create a file and insert the current code (save it):

Also, create the profile_id.txt file (and insert profile IDs that require registration)

Your password to the accounts is located in line 90,92 (I was too lazy to generate a new one)

There’s an API KEY from in line 100

Google — auto[Reg], изображение №1

Line 105 contains a two-letter code of the country from which SMS will be received

How do I launch it?

In the Windows command line, enter the following:

  • cd C:/gg (path to the folder)

and input the following command:

  • python

One iteration per account

THAT’S IT. Yours sincerely, Borodaty Arbitrazh.

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