Key Nutra Trends in 2022

To promote products efficiently, you must keep an ear to the ground. Prospective advertising approaches emerge day by day, and things that worked just a week ago may become irrelevant today.

How did the Past Years Affect the Current Situation?

Hard times boosted the nutra vertical development. After the sales boom during the coronavirus pandemic, the disease has knocked down the entire commodity business, including the nutra vertical.

In the longer term, it did well for the industry. Businessmen have learned to live on while global problems have forced advertisers to invest heavily in their products.

As a result, 2021 was an all-time productive year for the nutra vertical. Many new offers, promotion approaches, promising GEOs, and traffic sources have emerged.

Besides, a lot of new people have entered the nutra vertical. Solo publishers and teams have discovered prospects of the vertical and favor it. Webmasters are driven by profitable and adaptable terms, which, alas, they cannot have in other niches.

Changes in the niche development have affected several key trends that you might want to consider in your promotion activities. Let’s discuss it in further detail.

Nutra Trends: What’s New?

Advertisers introduce up-and-coming GEOs, new traffic sources emerge, webmasters from other verticals enter the niche while publishers improve schemes with complete traffic monetization.

Let’s see how you can use these trends in a promotion.

New GEOs

Tier-1 countries are no longer as profitable as before. Due to high competition and the “overextension” of the audience, an increasing number of webmasters start looking into new regions.

Africa is among the most attractive regions. The audience on the continent is hardly familiar with affiliate offers, and therefore many webmasters receive profit even with outdated schemes. The more unhackneyed the GEO, the higher your chances to launch ads successfully, so, you might want to keep an eye out for new offers in the following countries:

  • Algeria;
  • Tunisia;
  • Nigeria;
  • Kenya;
  • Ghana.

India is another worthy region. In 2021, it was one of the best regions to promote nutra offers. In 2022, it’s still going strong. Advertisers continue to develop the GEO, which means that working with India is highly rewarding.

You might also want to consider Latin America. LATAM countries have demonstrated great results as far back as the coronavirus pandemic started and retain the strongest performance. Guatemala, Colombia, Peru, and Costa Rica are top GEOs for promotion for now.

The changes affected either countries or traffic sources. Let’s consider those worth paying attention to.

Up-and-Coming Traffic Sources

Although Facebook keeps the lead in terms of traffic source relevance, many webmasters are trying to work with new sources that prove efficient.

Using just one platform is counterproductive, since any policy changes may ruin the performance of schemes and stall your progress.

Therefore, you might want to consider working with TikTok or native networks. Many webmasters are already promoting nutra offers on these platforms. They prove efficient due to a fresh format and an audience who isn’t yet accustomed to such offers.

Webmasters Flow-In

The other change that affected the nutra niche is competition in other verticals. In particular, the threshold in gambling is growing steadily, while the hefty traffic price leads to the fact that webmasters are looking for new verticals.

Nutra is one of them. The best part about it is that companies pay for deliverables. In gambling, it is more convenient for an advertiser to work by KPI with trusted teams while anyone can enter the nutra vertical.

Webmasters become increasingly interested in nutra.

This is good news for the business. The inflow of webmasters encourages advertisers to come up with new products, improve existing ones, and enter new countries.

This means that in 2022, more top offers and GEOs will emerge, therefore, it is very important to track niche updates.

Additional Monetization

Additional monetization is another strong trend that affects ROI. Traffic prices are growing steadily, which means that you must maximize the monetization of the audience.

This is where additional monetization comes in handy. There are many approaches like gathering a follower base for ad network push notifications or opt-in services.

But product showcase appears to be the most convenient method. The showcase pops up when the user leaves the landing page and offers the person products from the same category that you are promoting.

This is what an additional monetization showcase looks like.

To create a product showcase, you must:

  1. Prepare offers.Select offers from the original product’s category. For example, if you are promoting an anti-aging cream, you must pick up offers related to beauty products.
  2. Prepare pre-landing pages.Opt for a news format: as a rule, it is more efficient for showcases.
  3. Prepare creatives. Clickbait, screamers, and tidbits are what your audience asks for.
The classic teaser approach matches the showcase perfectly.
  1. Create a showcase. Use the landing page builder to arrange creatives as a news feed.
  2. Link the showcase and the landing page. Hire a freelancer to write a script that will redirect users to the showcase after they click the “Back” button.

That’s it. One last thing that you need to do is to check the showcase operation and then, you can start promoting. The method will bring you leads on the sidelines, and improve the budget development efficiency, and ROI consequently.

However, there are other ways to improve the performance and convenience of workflow.

Tips to Boost Your Campaigns

We have gathered some tips that will make promotion activities more convenient and profitable.


Don’t count on just one bundle, offer, region, or traffic source. The niche is constantly changing, so any approach may become irrelevant at a glance.

In particular, if Facebook applies a stricter policy again, webmasters will be forced to stop operations for an indefinite period. If however, you master native networks or TikTok, you can simply switch to another traffic source and continue your work.

The marketing niche is unstable, and therefore it is essential to spread risks and investments. Today, it is particularly important to master new traffic sources, learn how to work with up-and-coming GEOs, and be unafraid to test pioneer products.

There is Nothing New Under the Sun

In case you know schemes that used to work with a certain GEO but became irrelevant — it’s about time you recall them.

Advertisers invest heavily in new regions such as Latin America or Africa. A rule of thumb states that the audience in these regions is not yet familiar with the majority of offers and your outdated schemes might work a treat there.

The audience in LATAM or Africa has not yet developed a “banner blindness” to routine approaches in advertising, and therefore, the old schemes are becoming relevant again. Don’t hesitate to test them — it will save time you spend seeking profitable approaches.

Outdated promotion approaches demonstrate high performance in Latin America and Africa.

Team Matters

It is difficult to scale solo, and therefore, seek out a job in a team of publishers.

Traffic prices are increasing, just as the manpower input in traffic arbitrage as a whole. A competent separation of duties and a team budget can solve these issues, opening up fresh opportunities for scaling.

Join a team or assemble your own. Without a team, developing in the nutra vertical will be very challenging.

Accurate Tests

Allocate a bigger budget for tests than you did before. Setting a limit for two desired actions is no longer relevant.

With increasing competition, campaign tests are getting more complicated. The majority of webmasters opt for the limit of two desired actions which is wrong. To discover advanced schemes, you must dig down.

Increase your budgets and be mindful of tests. Due to the growing traffic prices, ad networks need more time and budget to find the audience that will bring higher CR. Be patient and it will pay off.


The nutra vertical is on the rise and changing rapidly. This is one of the most promising niches, and therefore it is important to keep an eye out for trends to stay on track. Do not hesitate to test new GEOs and traffic sources, seek out a team, dust off your old schemes and allocate more budget for tests — this way you’ll be able to develop and keep up with the niche.

Have a nice profit!

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