How to Delete Bank Card from Worn-Out Facebook Account and Refund Prepaid Amount?

Hey! Today, we’re going to guide you on how to delete your bank card from the BM or personal account and refund the prepaid money.

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The method works only with worn-out personal ads managers or BMs with arrears. If the account is due to ads policy violation review, this scheme will not work! 

Here goes!

1) You’ll require a PayPal Account with a card linked to it. You can link a card yourself, or you can purchase it. Contact us in Telegram, we have it in stock. One account can be connected to FB about ten times.

2) Specify PayPal Payment Method in billing settings.

3) Make PayPal the primary payment method.

4) Next, delete the bonded card. You’ll receive prepaid money immediately if FB had not written it off previously.

This way you can bind a card to FB unlimited times and receive a refund immediately after you unbind the card. 

Have a nice profit!

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