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How to Set Up Dolphin{anty} Browser Profile?

🐬 Although the Dolphin{anty} Anti-Detect Browser offers an intuitive interface, some first-time users ask a lot of questions.

We hereby offer you a step-by-step guide on Dolphin{anty} browser profile customization and some useful features.

Before You Start

Before you start using the browser, you’ll require to:

1. Sign up with the Dolphin{anty}

Be sure to fill in all the required fields.

2. Download the anti-detect browser at Dolphin{anty} website.

Upon registration, a free 4-day trial is available to all users. If you don’t select a paid tariff within the trial, the system will automatically switch to a free tariff which includes ten browser profiles.

How to Create a Browser Profile?

1. Click “Create Profile”.

2. In the pop-up window, type in a profile name.

3. Select OS.

We recommend choosing your device’s operating system because each OS has its system fonts. If you select macOS for a Windows device, the website’s security system may detect different typefaces and decide that you are attempting to replace your digital fingerprint. This may result in a thorough verification of your actions on the website or even a permanent block.

4. Select profile type.

There are four options available: Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Crypto. This will not affect the quality of the fingerprint, but it will help you filter and find required profiles faster. Besides, in case you specify the website for your profile, it will automatically upload web pages to your bookmarks for quick access. If they don’t work for you, you can customize your bookmarks.

If there’s no desired website in the list, choose “None”.

5. How to set up proxy and cookies?

If you do not use proxy and cookies, go to step 6. To set up a proxy, click “New proxy”, select proxy type, and specify poxy data in the “Proxy” field. 

The “Replace IP URL” field is required only if you use a mobile proxy. With it, you can update the proxy from the profiles list. Each profile requires a separate proxy. Otherwise, the fingerprint won’t be unique. 

Read more on anti-detect browser proxy in our article.

You can also transfer cookies if you have a paid account. With cookies, you can log into your account without a username and password. 

The Dolphin{anty} Browser only assigns fingerprints of real users. If for some reason you need to customize individual parameters of the digital fingerprint, go to the “Advanced settings” tab.

All fingerprint parameters are interrelated. That’s why you might want to customize individual parameters only if you know for sure their line-up. In case you received recommendations somewhere else than our customer support or our telegram chat, be careful with these changes: they may affect your fingerprint’s credibility.

6. Click “Create Profile”.

After that, the profile will be listed in the profiles list.

7. Click “Start”.

After a couple of seconds, a new tab will open in the browser. 

Since we created a Facebook profile as a case study, there are bookmarks of useful Facebook-related web pages, which are commonly required to work with the social network.

To end the profile session, close the browser tab.

Some Useful Browser Features

Below, we have compiled some browser features that first-time users may not know about.

🚀 How to customize the status and home page?

In Settings, you can customize the profile home page and makeup profile status.

This will help you find required profiles and load favorite pages faster. It’s for you to come up with profile status. Here are some samples:

You can change status in the “Settings” tab — “Statuses” and in the browser profiles list. To do this, click on any profile status, select the desired one or add a new status:

🧩 Extensions

You can customize all Dolphin extensions depending on their usage: with Facebook, TikTok, Google, Crypto, or all the above.

It will automatically load them to profiles you use to work with particular websites.

By adding favorite extensions to the extensions tab, you will be able to install them on any new profile in advance.

How to download the extension archive? You can download extensions from the Chrome Store or your device. This can be helpful, for example, if you use DIY extensions.

To Download the Extension Archive, Follow These Steps:

   1. Open the Extensions Tab.

   2. Select the source of the extension: Chrome Web Store or your device.

How to Download an Extension for Your Device?

   1. Type in the following search query: “download extension chrome”, then select “CRX Extractor”. CRX Extractor is an extension download manager. 

   2. Install the extension on your device.

Once you install the extension, you will be able to download any extension archive.

🗑 Recycle Bin with deleted browser profiles

You can restore any deleted profile within 48 hours. After that, the profile will be deleted from the system permanently.

To view deleted profiles, go to the Recycle Bin:

You will see a complete list of profiles you deleted in the last 48 hours.

To restore a specific profile, select it and click “Restore”.

📌 How to pin browser profiles at the top of the list?

To do this, hover over the profile, click on the three dots icon and select “Pin at the top”. You can pin up to ten profiles.

✍️ Smart Paste

This feature simulates manual typing on the keyboard. So, when you paste text from the clipboard, the system will display it as “typing”.

This is an important feature, as more anti-fraud systems analyze any insignificant user action on the website. For example, if he/she hovers the mouse over the screen or types the text, or copies it from the clipboard. Copying the username and password from the clipboard signals that a user might be fake and the system must analyze the user’s behavior.

To use the feature, select “Smart paste” when inserting text.

We update the browser and improve its performance regularly. 

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