How to Launch Autoregs & Self-Regs Without Ads Policy Review?

Hello everyone! Today, I’d like to demonstrate how to launch ads with any account there is: autoregs, self-regs, or any other kind of crap-regs.


This method will work for both webmasters who spend their resources on ads, and for first-billers (but it will cost them around $13)!

What will you require?

Just an account and a bank card. Any card will do. Create an account, a self-reg with BM which was on hold for a few days. You can launch ads both with BM or a personal Ads Manager. Today, I’ll demonstrate how to launch ads with BM.

1) Original BM is a must-have! I created it the day before from my account.

2) You must create an FP with it!

3) Add the bank card (specify Azerbaijan and Egyptian pound in the billing settings) (you’re welcome to test other settings, but from my experience, these settings work best and allow you to spend only 2 US dollars this way)

4) Almost all accounts are subject to risk payment procedure, which is easy to pass. Just follow the link, and enter your account ID where “enter_your_id”. Then click “Approve” and the risk payment flag will be removed! Make sure you have at least 15 US dollars on the bank card. In most cases, FB bills $2 after the campaign is launched, but sometimes it may bill $14 which will be refunded in 2-3 days.

5) Launch your ads. And wait for it to start running!

6) Collect the profit.

Here’s my outcome:

Seven out of ten accounts can be launched that way at the moment.

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