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How to Set Up Targeting in TikTok Ads?

TikTok is an excellent affiliate traffic source for the non-CIS market. Recently, publishers might have encountered a fiercer ad campaign review policy due to the active neuronet initiation by the social network including human moderators’ review. 

Previously, our partners used to bypass restrictions with agent accounts. But now you can successfully handle either gambling or crypto offers. Let’s find out how to set up TikTok Ads step by step. Experts’ tips included. A reminder: you will find unique gambling and cryptocurrency offers for various GEOs in the Converting Team European Affiliate Program.

Why TikTok?

  • The app’s audience now includes more than one billion users worldwide and the number keeps growing.
  • As of early 2022, the app has been downloaded and installed more than 2.5 million times and by the end of 2022 the installation count exceeded 3 million.
  • The average user spends about 1.5 hours a day in the app and logs in-app at least eight times a day.
  • Despite the TikTok-only-for-teenagers stereotype, more than 56% of TikTok users are 25-35 years old.
  • Users shop here almost 1.6 times more actively than on other social networks; more than 30% of users find the recommendations in the videos credible.
  • Fun fact: TikTok’s female audience is larger (56%), although the male audience is less by only 6%.

Constant TikTok updates are due not only to the stricter policies and the new algorithm’s introduction. For instance, in 2022, the auction for ad bids has become stable. The rates used to vary by ten or more times in different niches but now, ad bids have leveled off either way.

By the way, TikTok Ads are now available in various regions and cities so that you can set up targeting more accurately. Although there are certain nuances with the country of account registration and the outreach (it may be blocked, as with the Russian Federation).

TikTok Ads: Tips for Beginners

The key expert’s tip for a beginner is that you might want to start with pre-warmed accounts of your target audience’s GEO since the TikTok ad cabinet has certain limitations by region. You can purchase ready-made accounts from trusted sellers on an exchange.

Another thing worth considering is that the payment details correspond to the region you promote your ads. For example, if you are going to promote offers in the USA, you’ll require an American credit card or PayPal account. You won’t be able to replenish your ad account via such payment systems as Qiwi.

And of course, you must take care of caller ID, email, and all other details you’ll require for your advertising account in advance. TikTok Ads Manager is enabled automatically upon registration (once you log in to your account). You can also opt for a business manager to manage multiple ad accounts. It has features similar to Facebook Ads Manager. In case you require expert advice in this matter, you are always welcome to contact the affiliate manager with expertise in the non-CIS market.

Guide on TikTok Ads Setup

TikTok Business Manager has a set of useful features. It allows you, for instance, to add managers by ID, customize pixel, and segment the audience. In the settings, you can select the region of promotion, the advertising objective, the device type, or the targeting parameters.

If someone tells you that it is impossible to work with gambling or crypto offers in TikTok, don’t believe them. Converting Team’s partners regularly drive TikTok traffic to unique gambling offers worldwide. Our capable Telegram bot will allow you to add up to 50 TikTok and Facebook ad cabinets. Next, let’s dive into targeting settings.

Targeting Objective

There are various ad campaign objectives available for publishers in TikTok. If you aim to warm up the audience, you might go with the Awareness objective. To launch the most profitable ad campaign, you might want to opt for these objectives:

  • Traffic;
  • Conversions;
  • Lead generation;
  • Installations.

If you are going to work with apps, you’ll first require to add them to the library. Note that TikTok allows you to enable almost any tracker to track affiliate links. 

As with Facebook, you can segment the audience by gender, age, region of residence, or language. By the way, you can specify the output data range in every section. Please note that you will require a separate menu to launch multilingual ads.

A great thing about the TikTok ads settings is that they allow you to specify the interests of the audience. You can specify top content by tags and author which increases the chances of successful targeting dramatically in case the audience came from a specific vlogger. Here’s what favorite TikTok content categories look like in 2022:

Budget Settings

The days of ad campaigns with minimal promotion budget (up to $50) are long gone. The minimum threshold for tests is $10-20, however, you’ll require at least $100 for a campaign. The average budget you’ll require to conduct an adequate test is about $280. 

Here’s a tip: opt for a daily budget. To avoid wasting the entire budget, monitor the ad and the overall budget daily. This way you can even spread 300 bucks for three to five days. Next, let’s consider ad settings.

Here’s more on numbers. According to various sources, at about $10 per mile, the conversion may cost about $1 although it all depends on the specific campaign, of course. Partners often state that when scaling, the CPI may cost up to $5 or more. You must also note that the advertiser with the highest bid commonly wins the auction. The price may also decrease significantly throughout the life cycle of the creative. 

The accurate CPA will be clear once the ad is promoted for several days. The TikTok algorithm is quite slow at training. For instance, you will come up with the optimal result after at least a hundred app downloads, in case you’ve chosen this objective.

Launching Ads

You can make and select creatives for TikTok based on popular content for your target audience. It’s very handy that the social platform allows you to produce creatives in the built-in editor. There’s also the feature that allows you to use clickable items. They will increase engagement and eliminate blindness when viewing dynamic content en masse. The ad is launched after review and once you replenish your ad account.

A reminder: when preparing creatives, you can also ask for the affiliate manager’s assistance. In the Converting Team Network, they have a special Telegram bot that allows you to quickly and easily order creatives without direct communication with creative specialists. Our partners get ready-made creatives in a matter of hours.

Analysis & Optimization

Launching an ad is not considered an ultimate promotion goal. Affiliate specialists must monitor their campaigns’ outcomes around the clock, and conduct timely analysis, and optimization. 

A high ROI value is the key success criterion. If there are many clicks but few sales, you must stop the campaign and find out the reason for that until you have wasted the entire budget. You must analyze the statistics of at least several data sources. The built-in TikTok stats do not always provide the necessary data, so you might want to use reliable trackers as well. 

Tips & Tricks

In case this is the first time you encounter issues when launching ads in TikTok, here are some expert tips & tricks for you.

  • Re-upload your creatives

Sometimes re-uploading your best creative allows you to pass the review even if it failed the first time for some reason.

  • Set budget limits

Do not struggle to grasp the ungrabbable even with your best ad set. Keep to the established budget and allocate it timely among more or less successful ad campaigns.

  • Place optimal bids

In an attempt to obtain the best purchase terms for your ads, there’s a chance you may place a higher bid. Agree to the bids that the algorithm offers without a second thought.

  • Enable automatic rules

Do not hesitate to enable auto-rules for some ad campaigns; for instance, you can disable any creative when it exceeds the budget limit.

  • Test your creatives

Always conduct tests. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different ad formats to increase the chance of success.

Here’s another offbeat tip: apart from targeted ads, you can also opt for collaborations with top bloggers. Live stream ads work best. Influencers have various ad purchase rates depending on the GEO: from low rates like $5 to sky-high rates like $2,000 per ad and more. Opt for the best budget and audience scope and experiment.


When launching TikTok ads, the quality of creatives and timely optimization is crucial. It is close to impossible to work with micro-budgets but with an average budget of $300+, you can make money consistently. Experiment with creatives and ad formats and collaborate with local bloggers to achieve better results.

Ready to work with gambling and crypto offers with favorable terms and professional customer support? Contact us now and we’ll provide you with free access to the best tools and offers for top GEOs!

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