Case: $2,000 Passive Net Profit in 2 Months

There’s more than Facebook ads. This is a case by Adcombo: interesting offer and geo from the Engageya Native Ads Affiliate Network.

  • Affiliate program: Adcombo
  • Duration: 20 March 2021 – 20 May 2021
  • Spent: ~$1,163
  • Revenue: $3,230
  • Profit: $2,067
  • ROI:7% (ROI Calculator)
  • Source: Engageya
  • Offer: Wonder Cells – TN (25773)
  • Geo: Tunisia

We decided to work with this offer on the manager’s advice. We chose the Engageya Network as a traffic source since we know that they have Tunisian traffic. We started with a good blacklist.

We’ve split funnels. The HealthNews24 pre-landing website showed the best results, so the main traffic was driven through it:

What approaches were used in ad campaigns?

1) The well-known teaser with young and aged skin as compared proved itself in this geo:

2) Before and after. By the way, a picture of a European old lady with brown eyes did better than pictures of an Arab woman:

3) Eye patches made from fruits, we think:

4) Pipette with drops:

5) Facial mask:

What ad copies were used? (There are two of them)

  • Skin resurfacing at home. Minus 15 years in one month. Try it!
  • How to look 15 years younger? An easy anti-aging practice at home.

What approaches did NOT work?

1) Anime:

2) Cheerful girls with facial masks:

3) Yellow eye patches on a young girl’s face:

4) Arabic woman before and after:

What ad copy did not work?

  • Breaking news: you can look 15 years younger thanks to this!
  • Bring back your young looks after the age of 35 quick and safe. A secret recipe! Try it!
  • Try this recipe if you want to look 15 years younger!


AdCombo data:

We used ‘’ tracker data. There is a nonessential quantity discrepancy in the number of leads between the affiliate program and the tracker. The profit in the affiliate program is $34 higher.

It was a pleasure to work with this offer. Yes, these volumes are not the greatest, but it did not take much time and effort to optimize them. The net profit amounted to $2,067 in two months.

We thank Adcombo for their advice to take this offer, and are looking forward to new recommendations!

Do you want to replicate success? Here’s a tip!

This offer is now stopped. But there are analog anti-aging offers that will bring you profit. Take a look at these offers and schemes:

Good luck and good profit to all!

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