Case: Net Positive Horoscopes in Facebook. $469 for 2 weeks. No Bans. Is It Possible?

  • Offer: When will I Get Married? Horoscope
  • GEO: Europe, CIS, World. Language: RU
  • Traffic source:Facebook
  • Duration: 05.2021 — 05.2021, 14 days
  • Spent: $597
  • Revenue: $1,066
  • Profit: $469
  • ROI: 78% (ROI Calculator)
  • Payment model: CPS, Cost-Per-Sale

The case is best for professional publishers who want a black vertical alternative. I think many publishers would get it, since FB is unstable at the moment, and cloaking, farming, logs, advertising prohibitions, etc., are a pain in the neck. FB’s numerous bans and profit figures in the last month are unsettling. The situation developed in such a way that I thought about entering the ‘uncomfort’ zone of factory workers…)) So, I googled Astrowidget AP, found a horoscope offer with no KPI, and decided to try it.

Selecting an offer

I contacted the manager and asked for the info on offers. He created my account (private registration), sent me links and I started testing it on FB. I drove traffic with direct links. You can’t upload a landing page, but they share their intelligent pixel and domain. Be sure to use a warmed-up BM, as a pixel won’t work with fresh ones. Anticipating your question: “No, there is no point in driving traffic with primary bills or personal accounts.”

The manager recommended their top offer: When will I Get Married? Horoscope

TA: F, 22-44

That’s what the landing page looks like:

How does the purchase funnel work?

  • The customer fills in the signup form with his details and e-mail address.

  • Upon registration, a demo version of the product with an individual horoscope pops up, where the user is offered to purchase a full version.

  • Against purchase, the sale appears in the stats, and the horoscope is being sent out to the customer via e-mail.

Here’s a horoscope sample (PDF file, 30 pages)

individual horoscope.pdf

They pay per sale, not per lead. As it turned out, with the right approach, leads are easilyattracted. You need to be as careful as possible in targeting by age and interests and selecting goals.

Traffic driving process

It was a challenge to select a suitable BM. I took a risk working from my primary BM. As I said, I used direct affiliate links, without a cloak. I tagged UTM and started testing. Spoiler alert! BM is ok)

At first, I received a fixed pay of $9 per sale to a Russian audience and $15 per sale to an English-speaking audience. When sales have increased, AP raised the rate (if you make large volumes, the guys will give you a nice rate). In my case, it’s $13 per sale to a Russian audience, and $20 per sale to an English-speaking audience.


I divided AC by geo, and set Russian language: 1. CIS (RF, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus) 2. Europe (all)


Static images with people and a birth chart work well, but you can also test dynamic banners.

* The editorial team looked in the Adheart Spy Service, and found similar ads:

Ad copy

Simple ad text like ‘when will you get married,’ ‘what awaits you’, ‘what has the universe prepared’ are recommended.

I used the following ad copy:

  • Get the answer to the big question: “When will I get married?”
  • Worried about your relationship status? Discover top-of-mind issues from your Horoscope: When will you get married? Where will you meet the man of your dreams? What personality factors interfere with your relationship? Click ‘More’ to find out who you are and when your love life will play out!
  • Tired of waiting? The stars are more aware than you could possibly imagine

Target audience

  • Interests: love, dating, horoscopes, and related
  • Goal: conversion and that’s all. You won’t get targeted traffic with other goals 
  • СTR: benchmark 3+
  • TA: 21-37
  • Devices: mobile (90% of sales)
  • Placement: automated
  • Europe, RU. Net positive test results (I’ve excluded desktop devices, and left mobile devices only)
  • CAC: $8.16
  • CPS: $13
  • Sales: 18
  • Spent: $146.83
  • Turnover: $234
  • Profit: $87.17
  • ROI: 60%

  • World. I’ve launched Russian version of the offer
  • CAC: $7.06
  • CPS: $13
  • Sales: 64
  • Spent: $451
  • Turnover: $832
  • Profit: $381
  • ROI: 84%

I noticed that the all-world ads work better, including the CIS countries.

This case took place several months ago, but I continue to work with the AN at the moment. BM is ok too, by the way) I started retargeting and sales are good. You might want to remember to work with the audience. I worked at offer more and even managed to raise the ROI. I also launched new offers (I won’t disclose them in this case)

…. and here’s what I managed to come up with) These are my real-time overall stats:


This was my early experiment with this vertical. I used simple tactics and managed to get a great outcome. Testing is the key to success. Offers are not yet overused, it is a pleasure to work on them, and the guys keep me happy with new landing pages and products. It’s a huge field to experiment on white products from different sources, without cloaking or other ‘delight’.


PS At the moment, the AN only cooperates with teams and solo buyers who make high volumes of quality traffic.

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