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Creatives for Facebook Ads in Brazil (LATAM): Cryptocurrency, Weight Loss, Hypertension, Joints & Infoproducts

Here’s our review of creatives for Facebook Ads in Brazil (LATAM) as of June 2022 related to cryptocurrency, weight loss, hypertension, joints, and infoproducts.

AdSpy Service

In previous reviews (1, 2), we referred to the Spy Service which currently fails to process video creatives, so this time we used the AdSpy Service.

AdSpy is the database of Facebook and Instagram ads. The service is focused on the non-CIS market.

Get a trial of 1,000 ad views with the “cparip” promo code and sign up here to get $50 off the first month of AdSpy services.

  • The monthly subscription is $149. They accept bank cards. BTC payments are available via customer support.
  • GEO: 198 countries.
  • Filters by keyword, ad text, URL, page title, target audience age, likes count, the affiliate program, GEO, language, and much more.

In this case, we will also use tips from the following featured articles:

How to Search for Creatives in AdSpy?

In the first field, select the placement and key feature to search for:

The most obvious method is to select a URL and the following key features:

  • subid=
  • .xyz
  • fbpixel
  • etc.

To learn more about search keys, read this article:

You can choose the type of creative to search for:

Select the country:

Select duration:

That will do for a start. You can use the other filters whenever required.

Adjust the required filters and check the result:

By default, the attributes are set to “or or”, but by clicking on the lock icon you can make them mandatory.


They promote cryptocurrency offers using an image of a certain influencer.



Sample Ad Text

  • O microfone ainda estava ligado quando isso foi dito na transmissão ao vivo.
  • The microphone was still on when he said it live.

Landing Page

This spy service allows you to preview the landing page screenshot with the final URL and redirects.

This information allows you to bypass the cloak and gain access to the original landing page.

Weight Loss


The following scheme is commonly featured in the SERP:

Sample Ad Text

  • As famosas cantoras Naiara e Simone secaram juntas +52KG com esta Amostras Grátis Toque em “Saiba mais” para ler a matéria completa..
  • Famous singers Naiara and Simone dried +52 kg together with this free sample. Click “Read More” to see the whole story.

The ad posts contain fake feedback:

Here’s a screenshot of the pre-landing page and outgoing links to the landing page:

Landing Page

Joints Treatment

Hypertension Treatment


Sample Ad Text

  • Cardiologista: Não mate seu coração com quimioterapia, se sua pressão arterial estiver acima de 140/80, beba 2 colheres de sopa de…
  • Cardiologist: “Do not kill your heart with chemotherapy, if your blood pressure is above 140/80, take two tablespoons…”


Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment

These are information products presented as long video that you cannot skip or scroll down. After viewing such a video, the button to proceed to checkout pops up.

Sample ad text:

  • Coceira, Corrimento, Dor e ardência… Tudo isso pode ser resolvido com essa nova “rotina matinal” descoberta por cientistas australianos. Toque em “Saiba Mais” para descobrir o que é essa rotina e como ela funciona.
  • Itching, running secretion, pain, and burning… You can get rid of these sensations with this “morning routine” discovered by Australian scientists. Click “Learn More” to find out what the procedure is and how it works.

Landing Page

Baldness Treatment

Landing Page

Prostatitis Treatment

Sample ad text:

  • Depois que comecei a fazer isso 6 minutos por dia, mudou minha vida íntima. Parei de tomar qualquer tipo de remédio. Clique em saiba mais e conheça agora!
  • The moment I took up this practice for six minutes a day, my love life changed. I stopped taking any meds. Click “Learn More” and find out now!

Landing Page

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