How to Connect an Instagram Account and a Facebook Fan Page?

Here’s a simple guide on connecting an Instagram account and a Facebook Fan Page.

Instagram Professional Account

First, you might want to switch to a professional account on Instagram because a personal account won’t offer such opportunities in advertising.

Open the menu.

Select the “Settings” at the top.

Next, select an “Account”.

At the bottom, there’s a “Switch to Professional Account” option.

Select it.


How to Connect Instagram to Facebook?

Open a Facebook profile. Select the “Pages” tab in the menu.

Click “Create new Page”.

The page creation form will pop up.

Fill in the following fields:

  • Page name. Specify the name as intended. Otherwise, if you’ll change the name in the settings after the page is created, it might be subject to moderation.
  • There are no ready-made options on this one. So you have to search for the right category.
  • Description.

Click “Create Page”. After the page is saved, two new items will pop up: profile photo and cover photo. Add images and save.

Enter the page you’ve created. Press “Settings”.

Select “Instagram”.

Press “Connect Account”.

In the window that opens, enter the username and password for your Instagram account.

Your Instagram account is now connected to the Facebook Fan Page.

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