How Do You Say ‘Lead’ in Different Languages?

While using Facebook accounts, you might ask what does the ‘Lead event’ mean in various languages? Therefore, we’ve compiled a translations list for you!

Prepared by the IM Group (get 15% off their service, training programs, and cloak with the CPARIP promo code)

  • ‘Lead’ in Spanish — Cliente potencial
  • ‘Lead’ in Portuguese — Cadastro
  • ‘Lead’ in French — Prospect
  • ‘Lead’ in German — Kundenpotenzial
  • ‘Lead’ in Croatian — Potencijalni klijent
  • ‘Lead’ in Italian — Acquisizione contatto
  • ‘Lead’ in Lithuanian — Potencialus klientas
  • ‘Lead’ in Norwegian Bokmål — Kundeemne
  • ‘Lead’ in Albanian — Klienti potencial
  • ‘Lead’ in Finnish — Liidi
  • ‘Lead’ in Greek — Υποψήφιος πελάτης
  • ‘Lead’ in Macedonian — Трага
  • ‘Lead’ in Serbian — Потенцијални клијент
  • ‘Lead’ in Azerbaijani — Yönləndirmə
  • ‘Lead’ in Hungarian — Érdeklődő
  • ‘Lead’ in Polish — Uzyskanie kontaktu
  • ‘Lead’ in Romanian — Client potenţial
  • ‘Lead’ in Slovak — Potenciálny zákazník
  • ‘Lead’ in Slovenian — Potencialna stranka
  • ‘Lead’ in Czech — Potenciální zákazník
  • ‘Lead’ in Bulgarian — Потенциален клиент
  • ‘Lead’ in Armenian — Հաճախորդ/սպասառու
  • ‘Lead’ in Afrikaans — Voorsprong
  • ‘Lead’ in Hausa — Wanda ya fara ganin tallan kaya
  • ‘Lead’ in Hebrew — ליד
  • ‘Lead’ in Turkish — Potansiyel Müşteri
  • ‘Lead’ in Arab — بيانات عميل محتمل
  • ‘Lead’ in Indonesian — Prospek
  • ‘Lead’ in Korean — 잠재 고객
  • ‘Lead’ in Chinese — 留下线索
  • ‘Lead’ in Thai — ข้อมูลลูกค้า
  • ‘Lead’ in Vietnamese — Khách hàng tiềm năng
  • ‘Lead’ in Hindi — लीड
  • ‘Lead’ in Burmese — ဖောက်သည်အသစ်
  • ‘Lead’ in Bengal — লিড
  • ‘Lead’ in Malay — Beli or Lengkapkan Pendaftaran
  • For other geo — LEAD

Here’s a tip: if you come across geo that is not on the list, translate the following phrases into the required language, and one of them will mean the ‘Lead’:

  • Potential client
  • Client

On top of that, here are three lifehacks for you:

Lifehack No. 1. Sometimes, all you have to do is to type in ‘Lead’ and FB will select the required line in the required language.

Lifehack No. 2. First, create a pixel, then import the CSV template with the ‘Lead’ inside.

Lifehack No. 3. Account interfaces of a single non-CIS GEO may include different spelling variants (adverbs, dialects).

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