CloudFlare Tip: How to Bypass “Cannot Issue SSL Certificate” Hosting Error?

If you’ve purchased a domain and want to redirect it via the cloud and issue, say, a Beget SSL certificate – you might fall into the trap.

What are the common steps?

  1. Add a domain to the cloud
  2. Change the domain registrar’s NS servers to cloud ones
  3. Add an A record in the CloudFlare interface, referencing your hosting
  4. Go to the hosting page and try issuing a free LetsEncrypt certificate

Right? Not really.

Beget will display an error message if you try to issue a certificate:

If you contact Beget support, they will be confused and offer you to buy a self-signed certificate from them. What else can you do? That’s right, be back in square one which is:

After steps 1-2-3, you must take an additional step: change Proxy status to “DNS only”.

After that, you can issue a certificate, wait until it is issued and then turn cloud proxy back on + switch SSL to full mode.

That’s it, keep making a profit!

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