Mobile App Market Analysis by the Year 2022

The App Annie Intelligence has released the State of Mobile 2022 Report related to the mobile app market in 2021. They conducted an in-depth analysis of 17 industries and 30 markets. Let’s highlight the key insights of the report.

Major Trends

In 2021, the new app downloads count increased by 5% and reached 230 billion. Total app store spendings increased by 19% and amounted to $170B. Along with user spendings, in-app advertising costs have increased as well. In 2021, they’ve spent $295B on in-app advertising. That’s 23% more than in 2020.

The average time spent on mobile apps increased by 30% (compared to 2019 in the top ten markets) and reached 4.8 hours per day.

Brazilians spend the most time on mobile – 5.4 hours a day. The least time count is in China – 3.2 hours per day. The average time spent on mobile in Russia is 4.1 hours.

Emerging markets dominate in total downloads count.

The rising scale of user in-app spendings prevails in developed economies.

There has been phenomenal growth in consumer spending in the United States: in 2021, users spent 30% more on apps with total spendings equaling $43B. In Russia, people spent $1.5B.

The most searched keywords in the App Store categorized by GEO are as follows:


In 2021, mobile game consumer spending grew by nearly $16B (15%) and amounted to $116B.

Russian users spent just over $1B.

Hyper-casual games (simple games with primitive mechanics) demonstrated serious growth in the global download count. Strategy games were the most profitable for the developers.

Intriguingly, the most monetized genres included casino-related games.

Financial Apps

The number of financial apps downloads is increasing worldwide.

Mexico (250%), Indonesia (185%), Argentina (180%), and Brazil (175%) demonstrated the biggest growth in the last four years.

There are cryptocurrency projects among the top apps in some markets.

Here’re top downloads for some countries:

The report includes top banks in a particular country.

Food & Drink

The TOP apps are most interesting in this category:

In some markets, users choose less known companies rather than global brands (such as McDonald’s).

Social Apps

Among the top five social apps, TikTok was the leader in user engagement.

In the Russian market, the top five social apps included VK and Telegram.

This is what top downloads rating looks like in large markets:

Dating Apps

Since 2018, global consumer spending on dating apps has increased by 95% and exceeded $4B.

Russian users spent almost $31M. Americans delivered the largest expenditures volume – over $1.9B.

Here’re the top apps by downloads:

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