Capitalist Introduced “Services & Payments” introduced a new “Services & Payments” section where you can pay for various services. In their dashboard, customers can pay for the following services via Capitalist:

  • Debit cards. You can order prepaid Virtual Visa (USA), UnionPay (China), SoShop (Europe), ToneoFirst (Europe), and other cards.
  • Foreign cellular service (88 Mobile, Blau, 3G, and others).
  • Subscription services (iTunes, Google Play, Netflix, and others).
  • Game services (Xbox, GameStop, PlayStation, and others);
  • Gift certificates from top stores and brands (IKEA, Adidas, Nike, and others).

All prepaid certificates for goods and services can only be activated in the same GEO where they were purchased. For example, if you purchased a prepaid Google Play Certificate in Germany, it will only be valid with German accounts.

You can replenish your account with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, USDT Tether, Ethereum, and USDC), bank cards, and wire transfers (for legal entities).

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