Social networks:
  • Minimum payout: $500;
  • Time: once a month.
Payout systems:
  • Payoneer
  • PayPal
  • Wire
  • Paxum
  • WebMoney

It’s a CPA network with headquarters in Amsterdam established in 2012. They accept traffic worldwide.


Special Features:
  • Over 500 dating offers.
  • CBD and SS offers.
  • Detailed statistics on traffic and conversions.
  • Individual assistance from the marketing department.
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $500.
  • Weekly payments are possible if you’re a trusted partner.
  • New partners are paid once a month.
  • Increased payment frequency per month is possible if you’re a trusted partner.

Advidi Affiliate Program Overview

Advidi is a CPA marketing network. In eight years, it has become the leading network with offers in Europe and North America. They provide about 4,000 offers like 1,000 dating offers, sweepstakes, igaming, nutra SS offers, and others. It’s the largest affiliate network in the dating vertical.

They have products with cannabis (CBD) which are popular in the United States (within the limits of legislation). There are also offers where publishers get paid for conversions and resales. Let’s consider their advantages in the review.

How to Sign Up?

Let’s start by signing up.

Note! If you sign up with our reference, nutra SS and trial offers will become available to you right away. We’ll consider these products’ benefits later, once you get to know the interface.

The affiliate program is registered in Europe, where they impose high requirements on business authorization. Therefore, to sign up, you must fill in more fields than usual. Fill out all the required information!

After that, the account will be submitted for moderation. An account manager will contact you as specified.

How to Enable Offers?

Now, when your account is activated, let’s take a glance at the CPA network. Let’s start with offers selection and activation.

There are about 4,000 offers presented in the affiliate program. There are the following advanced filters for convenient search:

  • Keyword.
  • Partnership model: CPA & RevShare.
  • Minimum and maximum payout per offer.
  • Vertical.
  • Search tag.
  • Status.
  • Traffic source.
  • GEO.

In the general list, you can view the basic offer details. As a case study, let’s consider those products with payout per conversion and resale. Enter “event upsell” into the search box.

You’ll see the ID and name of the offer, partnership model, payments, status, and vertical.

Here’s some information about payouts for these offers. There are two figures in the “Price Range” column. The first one stands for the conversion payout. The second one stands for the payout per event (resale of goods). The customer confirms the order, receives it, and utilizes the product. When the customer purchases the same product for a second time, the publisher receives a payout the second time (event).

The second payout is hefty on top of the profit.

Let’s move on. To start promoting the product, you must submit a request.

Specify the traffic source. You can also leave a comment on your sources, expertise, and approaches. Fill out the form and press “Submit”.

Once the offer is enabled, its status will change to “Active”. To view all active offers, you must select the “Active” status in the “Offers” tab.

You may now start working with the selected product.

Click on the offer. In the offer description, you can search and download creatives and codes, and generate a destination link.

Nutra SS Offers: Pros for Publishers

Since we’re talking about offers, let’s consider the benefits of nutra SS offers. If you sign up with our reference, they will be enabled automatically.

Let’s start with the payouts. For these offers, publishers are paid up to $102 per sale.

In this case, the publisher controls the conversion rate. When it comes to SS offers, the customer orders the product immediately. There’s no need for calls from low-skilled phone agents. As a case study, let’s consider the offer (20376) GreenCrest CBD Oil – PPS – US. Payout: $102 per sale.

On the landing page, the customer has to fill in the required information as follows: first name, last name, address, zip code, city, state, phone no., and email. After that, the customer is forwarded to the next step.

There are three order sets to choose from offering various quantities of vials and an order form.

Your job, as a publisher, is to motivate users to leave their contact details and to purchase the biggest set. Your success depends solely on your approach. There are no phone agents involved and there’s no huge upsell from the advertiser.

Summary of nutra SS offers:

  • High payouts of up to $102 per sale.
  • The publisher controls conversions.
  • No upsells or low-skilled phone agents advertiser-side.
  • Many U.S. offers with a payable audience.

Cannabis Offers

CBD (Cannabidiol) has become super-popular in the United States over the past few years. In production, they use hemp components with medicinal properties. CBD is legal in the United States as long as it contains less than 0.3% THC.

Let’s find these products in the ad cabinet. Go to the “Offers” tab and select the “CBD” vertical.

The system will display nine options to work with. They pay up to $102 per lead.


Let’s move on to the statistics. Press “Reports” to view the statistics.

Advidi provides extensive statistics on traffic and conversions. You can view the summary by day, campaign, creative, referral, conversions, and clicks.

The system displays the number of clicks, conversions, percentage of conversions, earnings, EPC, and other information.

General account information is available in the Dashboard.

In the Dashboard, you can view a summary of campaigns, creatives, and income.

Payouts & Customer Support

Now let’s talk about payouts and customer support. The minimum withdrawal amount is $500. New partners of the CPA network may withdraw money once a month. Later, they check the traffic quality and may increase the frequency of the payouts per month.

The affiliate program supports the following payment systems:

  • Payoneer
  • ePayments
  • Paxum
  • Wire transfer
  • PayPal

Customer support:

That’s it with the review. Advidi Affiliate Program is worth signing up for and testing its offers. If you sign up with our reference, nutra SS and trial offers will become available to you right away.

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