Analysis of Russian Audience & Social Media Content

YouScan, an AI-based social media analytics platform, analyzed posts in the Russian segment of social networks and highlighted hot topics. It considered posts published between 1 January 2021 and 30 September 2021. We examined research findings and highlighted points of interest for publishers.

Audience by Gender & Age

There are mostly women on Facebook, OK, and VK, while male audiences prevail on YouTube and Twitter.


Facebook audience’s age is 35-59, VK – 18-34, and 45+ for OK.

Trending Topics

In Russia, people mostly discuss fashion, foods, and their kids. Then comes wellness, politics, automobiles, and occurrences.

Abroad, politics comes first, followed by gaming and wellness.

There are fewer posts about foods, occurrences, celebrities, and the economy.

Brands, Products & Services

Most of the discussions have to do with services and prices of goods and services.

In OK, a significant percentage of discussions is “taste”-related. According to YouScan, this is due to the abundance of recipes in the social network.

Posts Length Average

Over the year, the average length of the post on Facebook was ranging. This can be seen both in Russia and globally. In September 2021, the average post length was limited by 600 characters.

In VK, the average post length was steady at just over 400 characters including spaces.

What Fields are Discussed?

Foods and beverages manufacturers were discussed the most.

The cosmetics field leads by positive reactions.

Share of positive and negative reactions

Top Brands

The AI logo recognition feature helped identify the most popular brands in Russia and abroad.  


In the electronics field, Apple is the global leader, including Russia, followed by Samsung and Sony.


Mercedes-Benz is the leader in this case. Lada automobiles occupy fifth place in the Russian rating.


Adidas is a top sports brand in Russia while Nike is popular globally.

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