Complete & Easy Traffic Monetization

Here’s a scheme of extra traffic monetization by Igor Litvinenko (Borodatiy Arbitrazh).

Hola, friends!

Long ago, I have bookmarked an article by GipsyLand guys about complete traffic monetization with news showcases. Strangely enough, the idea of the script was prompted by the Aviasales website: when you search for a ticket, it opens a new search tab with tickets and uploads a in the current tab. I thought that it’s clever and started to customize my pre-landing page.

You can implement it differently, but here’s how I do that:

Initial data:

  • Keitaro Tracker
  • Local pre-landing page
  • Redirection to the AP’s offer


Click on pre-landing opens a pre-landing page in a new tab and loads the news showcase in the current tab.

Let’s check it with a test pre-landing page:

Open the code editor in Keitaro.

Insert the following code in <script></script> tags:


window.addEventListener("load", function() {

document.getElementById("button1").addEventListener("click", function() {"data-href"), "_blank")




Now look for the redirection button from the pre-landing to the landing page

add id=”button1” as illustrated on the screenshot (if there are two or three buttons, then there should also be three script codes. You must also rename attributes button1 in order: button1,button2,button3….),

add attributes: href="" data-href="{offer}» <- there’s a double quote which VK replaces)


href — showcase link

data-href — macro link to the offer in Keitaro

Watch the video to see the result:

That’s it!

Yours sincerely, Borodatiy Arbitrazh.

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