Where to Purchase Gambling, Nutra, Commodity, and Advertising Creatives?

Creative makes a first visual impact on a potential customer. This tool will get a customer interested and make him click on your ad.

If you want your creatives to take effect, you must find the best contractor for the job and draw up a proper spec.

Below we will consider the fundamental principles to help you purchase gambling, nutra, commodity, etc. creatives. We’ve also compiled a requirements checklist for you.

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How to draw up requirements for a creative specialist?

Before you start searching for a contractor, you might want to draw up requirements first. What should I indicate in the document?

  • Type of creative: video, static banner, animated banner, GIF.
  • Creative’s vertical.
  • A reference link to the landing page: app, pre-landing page, landing page, e-store, or Telegram bot.
  • Traffic source with ads.
  • Target public.
  • Ad copy. (Creative specialists don’t do copywriting or text translation. You must translate the ad copy in advance and send the final version to the creative specialist along with the spec. Learn more about translation services: https://cpa.rip/services/translation-services/)
  • You can also attach successful creative cases if you have any.
  • Source media. If you have any source media, send it to the contractor. If you don’t, indicate what he/she can use as a source media (stock photos and videos, website source materials, photos, and videos from other websites).
  • Your expectations.
  • Desired due date.

Where do I find a contractor for a job?

To avoid downtime so you can scale up the scheme or start testing new offers asap, you might want to keep several proven creative specialists in reserve. So that if it won’t work with one contractor, you can contact another. It also allows you to diversify the creatives you’ll get.

Therefore, let’s consider several options to purchase creatives for traffic arbitrage.

Affiliate programs

Some CPA networks help their partners with promo materials. Each affiliate program has its terms. Therefore, you might want to contact your manager for the information. In many cases, this option is both easy and more affordable.

Top agencies and creative specialists

Some well-known agencies and specialists create promo materials for ads. Their strength is that they understand the niche, and they know the peculiarities and subtleties of traffic arbitrage.

The Kreativy

The guys are good at making creatives and they’re also our partner columnists: https://cpa.rip/author/creativearbitraj/


  • Video creative: 700 rubles.
  • Banner: 750 rubles.

Showcase: @the_creative_off

IM Creo Lab


  • Video creative: starting from 500 rubles.
  • Banner: starting from 250 rubles.
  • Landing page design: starting from 6,000 rubles.

Featured links:

CTR 10


  • Three banners: 2,000 rubles.
  • One video: 1,500 rubles.
  • Express-video: 700 rubles.

Featured links:



  • Design: 1,250 rubles.
  • Voice-over: 650 rubles.
  • Banner / teaser: 600 rubles.
  • Promo video: 2,000 rubles.
  • On-budget video: 1,200 rubles.
  • Translation service: 650 rubles.

Featured links:



  • Video (as in the showcase): $30.
  • App design for the Store: $30.
  • App re-skinning: $50+.

Featured links:

Traffic arbitrage chatrooms

Chatrooms is another option, where you can announce that you are looking for creative specialists. Or you can search for messages from creative specialists looking for a job.

But there is a risk to fall across a rogue contractor or a scammer. You must be careful. Try to get your hands on his/her showcase and customer feedback. Start with small test jobs.

Based on the large number of posts about recruitment, the demand for creative specialists exceeds the supply. When you’ll finally find a creative specialist familiar with the matter, you might end up in a long line of customers waiting for their turn.

Therefore, let’s consider another recruiting source – online freelance markets.

Online freelance markets

Many specialists create banners and promo videos on freelance markets, where both professionals and beginners offer their services. But the problem is that there are few specialists familiar with traffic arbitrage.

Let’s consider the case of the Kwork.ru freelance market.

There’s no problem with banners or videos for training courses, apps, games, or finance. Some freelancers have a relevant showcase in their portfolio. But it’s more complicating with nutra, gambling, or dating.

  • First of all, a freelancer may turn down the job to advertise a questionable offer.
  • Secondly, freelancers may not know the specifics of promo materials for traffic arbitrage. It is, therefore, necessary either to draw up detailed requirements or modify the creative together (make edits, work on suggestions).

Be scrupulous about the recruitment, and you may find the right specialist with relevant skills. For example, you may occasionally find sports betting video in the designer’s portfolio:

Another option is to choose those who have relevant experience with ad formats. For example, here’s a freelancer, who has created chatroom imitation:

It’s not the best case, but still, the freelancer has relevant experience, which means there is a chance to make a good team:

If you spend some time searching and communicating with freelancers, you may find a specialist who will agree to make creatives and will become well aware of the matter.

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