Meet Telegram Ads Official Advertising Platform

Pavel Durov has officially announced the Telegram Ads platform. You can now sign up in the ad cabinet.

Follow the link to sign up for Telegram Ads:

Ad campaigns look like this:

An Announcement by Pavel Durov

Here’s an announcement made by Pavel Durov in the official Telegram channel:

Terms of Telegram Ads Service

The minimum deposit currently amounts to €2,000,000, where only €1,000,000 can be spent on advertising.

Telegram retains €1,000,000 as a deposit and provides the remaining amount to the advertiser for ad impressions. If the contract is terminated and the advertiser has spent less than €10,000,000 on advertising in the previous 12 months, Telegram will retain a deposit of €1,000,000.

What Does an Ad Cabinet Look Like?

Ad cabinet is user-friendly. You pay CPM per 1,000 ad impressions.

You can also select the theme of the ad or specific channels.

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