Case: $29,000 Net Profit with Reduslim

It’s spring which means it’s time for weight loss offers! Here’s a case of success by one of our webmasters.

  • Total leads: 3,861
  • Total approved leads: 1,698 (43.98%)
  • Earned: $63,881
  • Spent: $35,000
  • Net profit: $29,000
  • ROI: 82% (ROI Calculator)
  • AP: LuckyOnline
  • Offer: Reduslim EU
  • Duration: 02.01.2022 — 03.22.2022
  • Traffic source: Facebook*
  • GEO: Romania


We used the medical approach on the pre-landing page. We also work with Reduslim offer in other European GEOs. As recommended by our account manager, we decided to try a new GEO – Romania.

Before starting to work with the offer, we asked the AP to translate our pre-landing page, which performed well in another GEO. The pre-landing page performed well from the very start, so we worked with it the whole time.

We used various creative approaches: we launched a lot of autoregs with doctors, teasers, girls who lost weight, etc. Best creatives were re-used with unlimited BMs, with a budget of 250+ and a minimum bid. They also yielded meaningful results in terms of a large budget. We used farmed accounts + autoregs to test creos and farmed accounts + unlimited BMs as well.

We purchased farmed accounts at NZT, autoregs – at RPT, and BMs – in different e-stores where they had them in stock.

Target audience: male & female of the age of 35+

Initially, we tested this TA, and since it went well, we decided not to change anything (“Leave it if it works”, as they say).

Stats & Finance

Starting from 02.01.2022 to 03.22.2022, we attracted a total of 3,861 leads. Our income was $63,881, while we spent $35,000 and received $29,000 in revenue. The data in the affiliate program and Keitaro slightly varies, as several campaigns in Keitaro have been deleted.

Here’s a screenshot from the AP dashboard:

Here’re stats from the Keitaro ad cabinet:

Here’re stats from Facebook* ad cabinet:

Facebook* leads are more expensive than the average in Keitaro. First of all, these accounts are not the best we got. We used them as an example since they work now and we weren’t prepared to showcase them, so we did not take any screenshots in advance. Secondly, Facebook* can’t process all the leads as of late. If you compare ad campaigns in Keitaro with the same accounts, you’ll see more leads there. But since it’s not critical, we did not get around to fixing it.

ROI has dropped a lot in Facebook* and it’s more challenging to provide good volumes with a good ROI now, but nevertheless, there are some options left. You can compensate for increased traffic prices with good bids and schemes. We were limited by the KPI in this case. Initially, it amounted to 50 daily, and then it increased. If it was not for the KPI, we could have made much more profit.


*Prohibited in the Russian Federation.

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