Actual Case: $1,200 Deposit with Crypto on Facebook*

The cryptocurrency vertical attracts the majority of affiliates in 2022. In this article, we will find out why promoting crypto offers is profitable, how to earn in the vertical and how much you can make. Mikhail Teterin, Head of the Traffic Department of the Converting Team European Affiliate Network, will hereby share an actual case with you.

Why Is Working with Cryptocurrency Profitable?

Cryptocurrencies are a real upswing around the world. Since binaries were kicked off, the crypto vertical has become the top source of income in affiliate marketing. There are several reasons for that:

  • High payouts for offers from $200 to $1,200;
  • Quick traffic monetization and feedback from partners;
  • A wide selection of GEOs and traffic sources.

Cryptocurrency offers’ outcome heavily depends on call center performance. A professional phone agent must competently rationalize to a client why making a minimum deposit of $250. The quality preparatory negotiations affect the lead processing, the advertiser’s earnings, and the payout amount for the partner. That is why you must trust proven affiliate networks and advertisers who can properly organize call-center business processes.

Lead processing maintained by the call center allows you to quickly and accurately collect lead statistics and stay in communication with partners. Thanks to personal data collection, affiliates stay updated on the client’s gender, age, area of activities, and other details. Partners leverage this data to optimize ad campaigns they launch.

Until 2020, Tier 1 regions like Great Britain, Austria, and Germany were considered top GEOs for crypto offers. Today, according to our best practices, India became the top-grossing cryptocurrency region. Trained Hindi speakers process applications in the call center.

Facebook* As the Top Source of Crypto Traffic

In many verticals, Facebook* has ceased to be the leading source of traffic due to the increase in ad rates. However, this social network remains a powerful tool to collect leads for cryptocurrency offers. This is because the minimum deposit check is large. A detailed report by the Converting Team on successfully processed crypto offers via Facebook* follows.

How to Work with Accounts?

To warm up Facebook* accounts, follow these steps:

  • Create a business manager;
  • Launch ad campaigns for white offers;
  • Reach the required budget figure;
  • Launch ad campaigns with zero or negative ROI.

The budget varies depending on the selected region. For example, in India, it might be $50, and in Tier 1 countries it may amount to $250 and higher.

Another effective method of promotion is to purchase ready-made accounts with a budget from $250 to $1,500. For this, you must opt for reliable, trusted sellers, who are hard to find.

Proxy & Anti-Detect Browser

To work with ads, you must provide a reliable and secure network connection. With this in mind, the Converting Team opts for three anti-detect browsers: MLA, Indigo Browser, and Octo Browser.

It is also essential to use proxy services. Mobile and residential proxies are best for Facebook* traffic arbitrage. But you might want to bet on mobile proxies. As an optimum choice, we recommend SmartProxy, GeoSurf , and ProxyEmpire.


Cryptocurrency offers form a relatively solid vertical, however, it is in a kind of a “gray” zone on Facebook*. To pass ad campaigns review successfully, you might want to use cloaking services. We recommend Adspect, Zeustrack, and NoIPfraud, which we tested firsthand.

White Landing & Pre-Landing Pages

It is crucial in this case that the landing pages are faultless and comply with Facebook* ad policy. To create a white page, we use the Zeustrack Service. The steps are as follows:

  • Clone a subject-related website considering a required GEO;
  • Link up to six domains to a single service;
  • Connect to Digitalocean and Amazon by IP.

After these simple steps, a white page for conversions will be generated. 

Also, you might not want to neglect a pre-landing page. A high-quality pre-landing page may include a signup form, which will significantly increase lead conversions.

Payment Systems

To pay for ad campaigns, you might want to opt for services that have proven effective on Facebook*. Our team prefers Cross Cards, Soldo, and Brocards. Our basic decision criteria are as follows:

  • Quick and mass card issuance;
  • API (mandatory).


When launching cryptocurrency offers on Facebook*, you must keep in mind that a large income is within reach only in case of a large advertising budget. It is realistic to earn $1,200 per deposit with cryptocurrency offers if you work with reliable partners who provide a professional call center service.

The Converting Team recommends using the following tips to work with crypto offers on Facebook*:

  • Purchase accounts with a budget of $250;
  • Purchase cards from European legal entities (like Soldo Service, for example);
  • Use mobile proxies (ProxyEmpire);
  • Enable Zeustracker API.

By the way, we give away a Zeustrack FTU discount. Get 50% off the first month on any tariff with the ctpromo promo code.

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*By Meta (declared extremist organization and banned in Russia).

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