GOOGLE ADS Accounts Farming in 2022

To start Google Ads accounts farming in 2022, you’ll require the following:

  1. Anti-detect browser
  2. Ipv4 proxy
  3. SMS service
  4. Bank card
  5. Required farming time: 14-20 days

1. Anti-detect browser

  • You might not want to use free anti-detect browsers as their performance is bad. Opt for these two instead: Octo Browser and AdsPower Browser.

2. Proxy

  • If you want to farm accounts exclusively, then you’ll require a static IP – so forget about mobile Internet and so on.
  • The SOAX is good but pricey. The 911 S5 is a cheaper option.

3. SMS service

  • Don’t bother much here and opt for any service, which can provide SMS delivery to the account’s GEO.

4. Bank card

  • There are no exceptions here: opt for the account’s GEO. It’s been two weeks since cards are no longer unbanned after an appeal claim. Before that, things went swimmingly. Banks are good for their binding options and credit limit.

5. Farming Time

Prepare to spend some time on each account and opt-out of any automation (risk is a noble thing, but not in this case).

  • Day 1
    • Opt for a Google mail rather than Russian providers like yandex/ Create a Gmail mailbox.
    • Generate 100-150 cookies (Google likes cookies) in the account’s GEO. It’s even better if the city/state is in the picture as well.
  • Day 2
    • Register an account.
    • Log in to popular websites via Gmail.
    • Generate 100-150 cookies more (cookies bot from the anti-detect browser will work here as well).
  • Day 3
    • Work with Google services like Google Calendar/Google Drive/Google Maps, etc.
    • Sign up on 10-15 websites with your new email.
  • Days 4 – 14
    • Go to and demonstrate some activity on websites – even sign up for some of them if possible.
    • Interact with Google Calendar and Google Drive.
    • Enter queries into the search box and click on ads (demonstrate some activity on websites you followed).
    • Watch YouTube, like/subscribe/comment on videos (be reasonable here, do it just like you always did).

Add payment method no earlier than a week before launching ads. Also, make a $1-2 payment with it, if possible. You can, for example, purchase photos from photo stocks and so on.

Please keep in mind that there is no precise farming algorithm: you must do it your way. 

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