Case: ROI of 195% in Non-CIS Market with Tiktok & PWA

Hello everyone, PWA.Market is here. We commonly collect feedback about our service and today, we’d like to share a PWA case.

A client’s case

Traffic arbitrage via PWA apps gains popularity. Here, we’ll analyze the Cashalot Offer brought to you by the Profitov.Partners Affiliate Program with PWAs from PWA.Market.

  • Source: TikTok
  • GEO: Italy
  • Affiliate program: Profitov.Partners
  • Offer: Cashalot
  • Type of the offer: Public
  • Payment model: СРА
  • CPA: $150 per deposit
  • Duration: 2/16/2022 – 2/20/2022
  • Spent: $3,310
  • Earned: $9,750
  • ROI: ~195% (ROI Calculator)

In total, we used about 25 agent cabinets for this offer. In each, we spent from $80 to $250. Upon launching approved ad groups, we created 4-5 clones at once. Then, we disabled adsets with a low CTR and focused on the cost per installation. 

We used dynamic creatives for the offer. Our best creatives represented people and real-life emotions.

It should be mentioned that the PWA.Market allows DIY PWA branding. You can upload your app design, or choose one from a dozen templates available. For the Cashalot Offer, we selected the following app design:

We have also discovered customizable push settings. PWA.Market allows you to send push notifications at a fixed time and date after the target action is taken. For example, 15 minutes after installation or upon registration. Generally speaking, push notifications wield a major influence on the CR when working with apps, because user loyalty to the app is peaking upon installation or registration. Below, there’s a list of push notifications we used for desired actions:

Upon installation

Five minutes after installation:

  • Bonus di benvenuto!
  • Vai all’app per aumentare il tuo saldo

30 minutes after installation:

  • Manca solo un passo per ottenere i soldi!
  • Registrati nell’app e ricevi bonus di benvenuto sul tuo account

Upon registration

Five minutes after registration:

  • Aumenta il tuo deposito!
  • Percentuale aggiuntiva – Bonus per il rifornimento dell’account!

30 minutes after registration:

  • Bonus per reintegrare il saldo!
  • Più grande è il deposito, più comodo è il gioco, deposita metà, aggiungiamo il resto

When working with PWA, we noticed that ad cabinets generated spending for a longer period (compared to webview apps). Some accounts in PWA reached spendings of $250 per account, while on the webview, it amounted to $70-100 on average.

Total outcome:

  • 65 deposits
  • 694 registrations completed
  • Instal2reg: 1:2.5
  • Reg2dep: 1:11

These are statistics from TikTok ad cabinet. Once we started driving traffic via the PWA, the curve went up markedly.

Having cooperated with PWA.Market, we can say that this is a good alternative to webview, especially if no apps work for you. Now, we continue testing various GEOs in PWA vertical solely.

All the best non-CIS traffic to you!

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