Freemium Goods in 2022: Traffic Sources, Approaches, and Methods

Free traffic has always been publishers’ concern, especially beginners’, since there are few of those who have “a couple of thousand” US dollars to start with.😑

❗Only the methods of attracting the “free” traffic have evolved: if seven years ago, they used pushy spam, now they opt for more “ethical” and discreet techniques. It’s so good there’s no way it may be mistaken for hard-sell advertising.

However, if you do it manually, you won’t be able to attract more than one lead per day, and your earnings are unlikely to exceed 5,000-6,000 rubles per month. It’s much quicker to “build” a start-up capital at the factory. To obtain notable volumes, you’ll require minimum expenses on automation and/or content creation. Therefore, they call it freemium!

Today, we’re going to figure it out, let’s get to it!

Traffic Sources

In 2022, the relevant freemium traffic sources are:

  • TikTok. Top traffic source. Suitable for weight loss, wellness, and beauty offers. If you promote adult offers, there’s a risk of being banned, and gardening, for example, won’t work because of the TT audience profile.
  • YouTube. A relentless traffic source for white (and not so white) offers. Either five years ago or today they still create channels with product reviews and affiliate links.

Of course, they attract free traffic from VK, Yandex.Zen, and OK. But moderation in these networks is stricter, and traffic has a lower CR. Therefore, according to the ratio of the efforts made to achieve a certain outcome, video hosting is the best option.


It stays on top as a trending source of free traffic in 2022 (in the not-so-distant future, TikTok will surge ahead of the paid traffic field). However, it takes at least 50 accounts to work with TikTok. After all, only one out of ten accounts on average gives a kick in recommendations feed and drives organic traffic. But you can’t attract plenty of leads with one account – you need at least ten trending accounts to achieve the required volumes.

Here’s the scheme:

  • Purchase or create accounts with autoregs;
  • Upload product-related videos to your profiles. After 10-20 videos are being uploaded, monitor views and likes count, and user activity. If there are several thousand views or more, it means that the videos made it into the recommendations feed and the profile is worth working with further. With less than a thousand or a couple dozen views, there is no point in further account promotion.
  • Insert an affiliate link in the profile header via a link shortener (,,, and others).

For each product, you can come up with dozens of ideas to join-up pictures or download, cut, and merge videos from YouTube/Instagram* (banned in the Russian Federation*). Standard video content is as follows:

  • The celebrity has lost weight – take a look at the before/after results;
  • The athlete’s high achievements;
  • Anti-aging treatments, masks, gels, and scrubs;
  • Auto customizing (automobile-related goods);
  • Cooking tips & tricks (pressure cookers, mops, etc. are sold in this case).

Purchase accounts in certain stores. The price for blank accounts is about 10-12 rubles each.

To promote accounts, opt for the mass following and mass liking in addition to organic traffic. That is, profiles of potential customers (which are parsed among accounts with similar interests) are massively subscribed to and liked by the promoted profile. You can use special software or services for this (a monthly subscription may cost you from 2,000 to 5,000 rubles).

TT Promotion Tips

TikTok is not as demanding as FB, but certain actions may still trigger it. As a result, your account may end up in a shadowban, or even be blocked.

Here are some of the TT traffic arbitrage best practices:

  • Post no more than one video in two hours. Three to four videos per day are recommended.
  • When launching accounts, you might want to disable the automatic GEO location. Otherwise, TT will recommend your videos only to users from your country or city.
  • After creating an account, leave it on hold for a day. You might also want to hold purchased accounts for a couple of days because after the purchase they are to be launched from other devices.
  • You’ll be able to insert an affiliate link into a profile only if there are 1,000 subscribers or more. To skip inflating and waiting for the required subscribers’ count, you can switch your profile to a “PRO account”. It’s free, but it requires SMS confirmation (you will have to purchase virtual caller IDs).
  • Insert an affiliate link six to seven days after registration or profile purchase.
  • You might not want to make more than 200 subscriptions and likes per day if the account is promoted by mass following and mass liking.

There are no assorted statistics on free TT traffic. According to publishers, an average of 200-250 clicks and one approved lead is generated from 20K video views.


They’ve driven traffic from YouTube long before our beloved nutra became a separate vertical. It has become much easier now since we have TikTok, Like, and Instagram* (banned in the Russian Federation*). There are a lot of videos about weight loss, stains removal, anti-aging treatments, etc. You just have to download several related videos, cut and merge them, and tada – the content is ready. There’s also no need to purchase a product to do an unpacking review (someone might have done it already).

Here’s a showcase of a channel that promotes commodity offers:

YouTube channel created to promote various goods.

Let’s take a look at a video on weight loss pills.

As you can see, affiliate links are placed under the review with a rather wordy caption. They do it to use as many keywords as possible. Keywords help to promote videos either on YouTube or in Google Search which provides excess traffic. When clicking on one of the links, users are redirected to the landing page with an offer:

Similarly, you can promote almost any product (adult nutra, however, requires a pre-landing page with age confirmation, otherwise, YouTube will ban the link and the channel altogether).

YouTube Optimization

They optimize videos not only with a maze of words but also with tags. To parse the keywords for the videos, go to the Prozavr Service and type in the product name. The service will generate several dozen tags. Select five to ten of the most relevant keys and then insert them into the list of keywords when uploading the video.

Working with YouTube, unlike TT, is a long-term enterprise, so 20-30 channels are enough to generate the required volumes, which will provide traffic for a year at least.


Free traffic for traffic arbitrage “lives on”. Today, it is distinguished by its discreteness and relevance which are achieved either by profile promotion in the SERP, or via subscriptions, likes, and comments. There will always be consumers for the product, who are interested rather than annoyed. At the same time, the methods described above do not bother those who do not need the product. That is, there’s a way to generate leads from free traffic without negative feedback.

We wish you a high profit with

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