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TikTok Ads Library: How to Search for Promotion Schemes & Creos?

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Let’s find out how to search for promotion schemes and creatives in the TikTok Ads Library. Why focus on one source when searching for creatives? You can as well discover interesting creative approaches or an entire promotion scheme in very unlikely places like TikTok Ads Library, for instance, which we’ll cover in this article.

Let’s Dig into TikTok Ads Library

For starters, follow the link: and log in to avoid pressing the button all the time to load the creative:

*If you are in the Russian Federation, you will also require a proxy of the country where TikTok Ads works.

First of all, select the filters:

You can filter by region, industry, advertising objective, likes count, period, and duration of ad impressions.

We will only use filters by region, duration of ad impressions, and period (if you want to, you can also filter by advertising objective).

Enter a phrase/word describing the required creative or related here:

Click “Search” and scroll down. Ads are limited; on average there are 200 ads per search query. To find more, you must adjust filters and add/remove words in the query.

Once you see a creative/offer you’re interested in, click on the video to view ad statistics, including GEO:

If you’re lucky, you’ll even see similar creos for this offer in the recommendations at the bottom of the page.

Our Discoveries

We’ve searched for creos in various verticals and here’s what we found 🌚


When using the TikTok Ads Library to search for nutra offers, you might want to consider the fact that it is quite challenging to find an offer intended for people over 50 there. However, there are a lot of similar ads for the product above by various queries.

Here’s what we found by the offer’s name from an affiliate program:

Here’s creo on the “Payment upon receipt, 50% discount” query with no filters applied:

Cash on delivery, 50%” query


There are lots of offers for every GEO where TikTok Ads work. Here are some of them (ours are featured as well):

We found a “Massager” with a “Conversion” objective filter:

Free shipping” query:

Free shipping” query for Pakistan:


You don’t even need to make a particular query to search for creos in this vertical (just adjust filters). These are our queries

Free spins” query and “App Installs” objective:

Casino” query:

Casino” industry query:


Cripto” query:


Hereby, we have considered TikTok Ads Library as a source of creos. Given its simplicity, it is still a very good source. Yes, you will have to develop your method of managing queries and there are a lot of irrelevant ads in the dropout, but it can be fixed with certain skills. Besides, the library is constantly evolving and it is likely that someday it will come to a Facebook Ads Library level. Therefore, you might want to use it until it is “fixed” 🤝

Thanks for reading!

You’re welcome to our lifestyle blogs with useful tips and tricks:

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