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Case Study: $12,000 on Gambling for 10 Days in Turkey

Turkey is considered a hot GEO for gambling offers. In July, affiliate specialist Nikita and his team chose Turkey to drive traffic to an online casino. Converting Team’s partner shared a fresh case with the top offer in the gambling vertical. Below, you’ll find firsthand info and a brief overview of GEO.

  • Offer: 1Win
  • Affiliate network: Converting Team
  • Source: FB (webview apps)
  • Duration: ten days (July 2022)
  • ROI: 70% (ROI Calculator)
  • Spent: $17,000
  • Earned: $29,000
  • Profit: $12,000

The decision to opt for the 1win Offer was prompted after close consultation with the Converting Team‘s affiliate manager. It didn’t take us long to start all the preparations. 

Traffic source: we decided to work with the webview apps in FB. The team has a smart TG bot with in-house apps supported where you can add up to 50 AC from FB. The bot shares the apps in less than five minutes, which saves a lot of time. Next, let’s get to creatives.

How to Select & Prepare Creatives?

The creatives selection process was also quick. We saw a lot of news pre-landing pages in the spy service but decided to opt for classic gambling creos. By the way, you will get access to the spy service by contacting the affiliate manager. The team also has a capable bot that was developed similarly to the apps. 

The bot allows you to quickly create and post TDA, avoiding direct communication with designers and creative specialists. Just write the spec, specify a deadline, and submit an order. In our case, the creative was ready in just an hour. Refreshingly, the bot also allows you to make edits to the TDA or reschedule deadline if the creative is required without delay.

You can also contact the CT manager if you do not want to deal with a bot or require a professional consultation. As a rule, video creatives work best. Below, you’ll find a couple of good references we used in our ad campaigns:

How to Launch an Ad Campaign?

We launched ad campaigns following the proven scheme by linking autoregs to the mother account. The offer had previously demonstrated excellent results for other GEOs, so our expectations were high. Upon launching a campaign in Turkey, we obtained the following results: the price per installation was $0.60. Inst2reg was 1 to 2 (4). Take a look at the stats subtotal (clipped from the overall results):

The advertiser was quick to assess the quality of the traffic and raised our rate. The team was inspired by such an outcome and moved on to scaling the scheme right away. We are used to AC automation, so scaling didn’t take much time in our case. In total, in less than ten days we spent about $17,000 with an ROI of 70%! 

Why Turkey?

Next, let’s consider our choice of GEO and an offer. Turkey is included in the current list of top regions for online casino promotion for a reason. Approximately 85.3 million people reside there, while the population is steadily increasing. This is not least because of the expatriates’ influx. 

As reported in the DIGITAL 2022: TURKEY, there is an equal number of men and women there (women are 0.4% more). Almost 30% of the population is 25-44 years old. The minimum earnings are 4,253 Turkish lira, which is roughly equivalent to $237. Of course, most people between the age of 31-33 earn an order of magnitude greater. The mild climate and moderate costs of living also contribute to the fact that the population spends their savings on their favorite entertainment.

According to Meta, Facebook’s advertising coverage in Turkey was equivalent to 40.3% of the total population at the beginning of 2022. That is, you can find more than 34 million active Facebook users in Turkey. If you hit the bull’s eye with creatives and offers, you’ll skin the cream off of the traffic.

Last but not least, here’s about the 1Win Offer. This cool offer has shown its worth in many GEOs as demonstrated by the high CR indicators. You are welcome to contact the affiliate manager for further details. At the moment, the AP accepts traffic from RU, UA, AZ, KZ, UZ, IN, BR, PL, TR, IT, BF, ML, and CI. 


After consulting the manager, the team found out that 1Win Offer works great in Turkey and other GEOs. Our expectations upon launching the ad campaign were high and it bears noting that they were satisfied in full. Their TG bot saves a great deal of time and makes launching ads even easier. As a bonus, they’ll promptly assist you with the creatives.

In less than ten days, we managed to earn a net $12,000. At the moment, Turkey and other top GEOs provide a nice CR in gambling given that you opt for a good offer from a reliable affiliate program.

Are you ready to make money with top online casino offers? Contact the Converting Team manager and get advice right now!

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