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Complete STEPN Guide: Activation Code, Sneakers & Tips

If you once wanted to start jogging but you couldn’t find the motivation, then the cryptocurrency world is here to fix it. On 2 March 2022, a Move-to Earn Game was launched, where they pay you for jogging. This is the first project of that kind worldwide.

The world hasn’t yet experienced a better way to get people to jog.

Your earnings will depend on your investments. For example, if you invest $4,000, you will earn $100-140 per day, and if you invest $12,000, your earnings will amount to $200-300 per day. The return on investment now takes 1.5-2 months. Find the other figures in the “Tips” section.

In this article, we will tell you how to start playing StepN, where to obtain the codes, and how much money you can make with this project. For those who are going to play, we will share tips that will help you earn more.

About STEPN Project

STEPN is a web 3 app with social networking and gaming elements. It is based on the Solana Blockchain. The STEPN is developed by the Austrian Find Satoshi Lab Team. As they claim, their fundamental concept is to reduce carbon emissions and improve people’s well-being around the world. The project cooperates with such well-known companies as Solana Ventures, Alameda Research, Morningstar Ventures, Lemniscap, and others.

More than one million users have already signed up with the project, 200 thousand people around the world jogging with STEPN every day.

STEPN Activation Code

Obtaining the activation key for STEPN is a major challenge because this is the only way to sign up. As the project started, several hundred thousand keys were dropped by the developers, but now there are very few of them and obtaining the precious code takes more than meets the eye.

There are three options to obtain the STEPN activation code: by purchasing it (the quickest way), by asking active users in chats dedicated to the project, and by participating in developer’s giveaway.

The Free Giveaway

1,000 codes are dropped daily in the Telegram and Discord channels. The giveaway takes place at 4:00 PM Moscow time.

You may activate the code successfully, but the FTU count exceeds 1,000 daily and there’s no up-to-date information about codes activated. Therefore, you can waste a few hours on the codes that have already been activated.

Free: Ask Other Users

Along with a free giveaway, there is another option: chat activities. STEPN claims that you can participate in community activities and be rewarded with an activation code.

Hundreds of thousands of people have decided that participation means 24/7 spam like: “Give me the code, please.”

If you didn’t have time to participate in the giveaway, and purchasing it is not an option for you, then here are some channels where you can try asking for an activation code from active users:

There are channels in other regions, but there are few participants there.

You might want to ask to send you the code in PM, as there are many people interested and someone may use it before you do. You can also receive PMs with offers to purchase a code starting from $5, but beware the scammers.

If you have friends who have already signed up with STEPN and purchased sneakers, it is easier and safer to ask them for the activation code.

Purchase the Code

A limited number of keys generates demand, so don’t be surprised that many people sell the code on various platforms. Yes, STEPN won’t tolerate that but has it ever stopped anyone?

On Avito, code prices start from $2.5. But be sure to check user reviews so you won’t buy a useless set of characters.

On OLX, you can purchase ready-made accounts for $9.

How to Start Playing STEPN?

The first thing to do is to install the app on your smartphone. It is available on  App Store and  Google Play.

Note: those who have low-budget smartphones complain that the app does not calculate the distance well. This depends on the accelerometer responsible for step counting. In cheap smartphones, it performs poorly and the data it provides may be inaccurate.

Step 1. How to Sign Up & Connect a Wallet?

To sign up, you’ll require an app, an activation code, and a valid email.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play and wait for the installation to complete. Enter your email and click “Send code”. Specify the code you received in the email and then specify the activation code in a new window. Press “Start”.

You have created an account and you can now deposit to purchase your first sneakers.

Note: the verification code sent to you via email is valid for ten minutes only. You must have an activation code on hand when you create an account.

How to Connect a Wallet?

On the home page, click on the wallet icon in the upper right, and then go to the Wallet Tab.

A new window with two options will pop up:

  • “Create a new wallet” — if you don’t have a Solana Wallet and you want to create a new one;
  • “Import a wallet using Secret Phrase” — if you already have a Solana Wallet and you want to import it.

In the former case, the system will show you a seed phrase consisting of 12 words. You must keep it safe if you don’t want to lose all your money. You will also have to specify a six-digit PIN code to restore the seed phrase.

Step 2. What Coins do They Have in Game & How to Purchase Them?

After you import the wallet, you will notice that there are three types of coins: SOL, GST, and GMT.

SOL is the Solana Blockchain Coins that you can use to buy sneakers.

GSTs are tokens that the system rewards you for jogging from levels 0 to 29.

GMTs are also user rewards for jogging. You can switch to GMT at level 30.

You can only purchase SOL, while GST/GMT can be exchanged for stablecoins or other tokens for a further withdrawal.

To buy SOL, click on the currency and select “Receive”. Then, copy the address and purchase them on the SOL exchange.

Note: in case you are from Russia and going to buy them on Binance, then first you must purchase USDT on the P2P exchange, and then exchange them to SOL and send them to your wallet.

Step 3. How to Buy STEPN Sneakers?

To purchase STEPN sneakers, click on the sneaker icon on the home screen. A list of all the offers available in the market will pop up. If you are from Russia, you can only purchase sneakers for now, but rental will soon be available as well.

You can filter offers by the lowest and highest price, and the date it was added. As of this writing, the cheapest sneakers cost 12.1 SOL (about $1,200).

The more expensive sneakers you buy, the more you can earn with them. Besides, there are all kinds of sneakers with various improvements, power capacity, comfort level, durability, and other parameters.

Stepn Sneakers Marketplace

You can purchase sneakers either in the official app or on third-party websites like:

STEPN Sneakers Store

Note: here’s a sheet with some useful information about sneakers and purchasing options. If you are serious about STEPN, you will require it as a guide:

Sneakers Upgrades

Hereby, we will overview details on the types of sneakers, their attributes, rarity, and other parameters so that you can decide which ones to opt for in STEPN.

STEPN Sneakers Types

There are four types of STEPN sneakers:

  • Walker;
  • Jogger;
  • Runner;
  • Trainer.

Each type has its indicators of efficiency, luck, comfort, and durability. Each pair of sneakers also has speed requirements.



1-6 km/h

4-10 km/h

8-20 km/h

1-20 km/h

GTS/1 energy





Case study: if you walk in Runner Sneakers at a speed of 6 km/h, then tokens will not be credited to you. The same goes if you’re wearing a Trainer Sneakers: the faster you run, the more tokens you will be credited.

One pair of sneakers equals two units of energy and one unit of energy equals 5-minutes run. On the first day, you can walk for ten minutes, and then you have to wait until the energy is restored. To increase your running time, you need to upgrade your sneakers and purchase new ones.

By the way, the GST credit time increases disproportionately to the purchase. For example, to run for 20 minutes, you need to have three sneakers instead of a pair.

STEPN Attributes

As we pointed out above, sneakers have attributes that allow you to increase income from jogging. There are only four attributes and you can receive the following points that will allow you to upgrade sneakers with each next level:

  • Efficiency points affect the GTS count per unit of energy. The higher the efficiency, the more the user earns;
  • Luck points affect your chances to be rewarded with the Mystery Box. The developers plan to introduce the sneakers rental service so that the user may be rewarded the Box for rental;
  • Comfort points affect the GTM count per minute. To date, this indicator is under development and doesn’t require any points;
  • Resilience points are responsible for the durability of sneakers: the lower the indicator, the fewer GST you will receive. Repair costs depend on the sneakers’ level and rarity, as well as their condition.

Users can reset attributes to redistribute them again, but the more often you do it, the more each next reset will cost you.

STEPN Rarity

The rarity of sneakers affects the number of attribute points when minting and upgrading. Besides, the rarer the pair, the more expensive it gets.

STEPN Levels

Each pair of sneakers may be upgraded up to 30 levels. To upgrade them, you can use GST, but it also takes time.

You must upgrade them because:

  • Each level up provides from four to 12 attribute points;
  • At level 30, you will be able to obtain GMT;
  • With each fifth level, you’ll unlock upgrades.

See the table for information on the time and GST required to unlock each level.


Mint stands for the number of times a pair has been utilized to create a new pair of sneakers. For example, if Mint 3 is specified, this means the pair has been utilized three times to create a new pair. In total, you can utilize a single pair of sneakers to mint new ones up to seven times.

If you are going to earn by walking, then you can ignore this parameter and opt for sneakers with Mint 2-4, but if you plan to earn on minting, then opt for Mint 1-2 or zero Mint, which is even better.

STEPN Sockets & Crystals

Sneakers may have up to four sockets for crystals. Each socket and crystal has four attributes. Sockets are unlocked on certain levels. Crystals may be purchased in the “Gems” tab in the app or you may win them in the Mystery Box.

Step 4. Income with STEPN

Many people plan to earn money with STEPN jogging, so you might want to know how coins are credited and the limitations it inclines.

How Coins are Credited in STEPN?

Up to level 30, you will receive GST per minute of jogging. But the GST count depends on the five following factors.

Sneakers type: see above. You can make from four to 6.25 GST per minute given the basic configuration of sneakers.

Efficiency indicator: the higher the efficiency, the more GST you will earn per unit of energy.

Jogging speed: to maximize profits, your speed indicator must comply with the optimum range of sneakers. If your speed drops, then earnings will reduce by 90%.

Durability: the more outworn the sneakers are, the fewer GST they will generate. With a wear rate from 0-10, you’ll lose only 10% of your income, if it’s within the range of 11 to 50 – 90% of income if it’s more than 51 — 100% of income.

GPS signal: you will be surprised, but it also affects your earnings. The same applies to the cellular signal.

Limitations & Expenses

You won’t be able to run as much as you want. There are two limitations in STEPN: energy and durability. The former is restored after a certain time while the latter requires money to be restored.


If you don’t have energy, you won’t receive GST. 25% of energy is restored every six hours at a fixed time: 04:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 4:00 PM, and 10:00 PM Moscow time.

Energy accumulates only after you purchase sneakers. One unit of energy equals five minutes of movement.


If the sneakers are outworn by more than 51 percent, they won’t bring you any GST. Therefore, they require maintenance. You must spend GST to fix sneakers. Yep, it’s a vicious circle.

The cost of maintenance also depends on the level and rarity of sneakers. See the table for costs per 1% outwear:

How Else Can I Make Profit in STEPN?

Besides jogging, the project was intended for the following ways to raise money: Mystery Boxes, minting, and profiteering. Below, we will describe each method in brief.

How to Obtain a STEPN Mystery Box?

In this case, you will still have to run. For solo jogging, you may be rewarded a Mystery Box that may contain GST tokens, 1- and 2-level crystals, and common or rare sneakers. By the way, the Mystery Box might as well be empty.

There are five types of Boxes by rarity, the same as sneakers. There are other two things you might want to remember:

  • If you have reached the maximum GST per day, then you won’t find any in the Mystery Box;
  • You can only have four Mystery Boxes at a time.

You’ll be able to open the Box only sometime after it was dropped which is indicated on the countdown timer on the Box. Legendary Boxes take the most time to open. You can open the Box ahead of time if you are ready to spend some GTS.

What’s STEPN Minting?

A STEPN sneaker minting is crossing two pairs of sneakers to create a new box of sneakers. You can mint a single pair of sneakers up to seven times. You can check the mint count under the Shoe Mint indicator.

To mint a new pair, you’ll require:

  • Purchased sneakers: rented sneakers won’t work in this case;
  • A 100/100 intact pair of sneakers (both);
  • Sneakers that are not in the recovery mode.

After you minted a pair, you have to wait another 48 hours to mint again. When you mint new sneakers, you will be rewarded with a Box that you can open immediately.

The rarity of the Box you’ll be rewarded also depends on the rarity of your sneakers.

The cost of minting depends on the type of sneakers and their Mint count. For example, the first two times you mint common sneakers will cost you 200 GST, while to make it the third time, you’ll have to pay 250 GST. In case you cross sneakers of various rarity, then their average cost will be calculated.

STEPN Profiteering

If there is a market, then you can speculate on it. That’s true. You can buy cheaper sneakers, upgrade them and sell them for a bigger price. Or you can buy sneakers, wait until their price increases and then sell them.

And the price will go up, as it already did. Some time ago, you could purchase sneakers for $500, but you won’t find such prices today. You can sell sneakers on the STEPN platform, in project-dedicated chats, or on the market.

STEPN Tips & Tricks

The project has been rolled out for over a month now, so you can find a lot of useful tips that will help you earn even more with STEPN.

Let’s start with the beginner tips:

  1. The faster the sneaker, the more you can farm. But consider your body capability first. Runner Sneakers allow you to earn six GST, but will you be able to run at a speed of 8-20 km/h daily? By the way, that’s why Runner Sneakers are the cheapest.
  2. Keep an eye on the basic indicator totals. It should indicate 20 points and above. Pay attention to Efficiency and Resilience. These are the key indicators that affect farming. Professionals advise that these two indicators should make at least 15 in total.
  3. If you plan to buy only one pair of sneakers, then you don’t need to consider Luck or Comfort. With two energy points, you won’t be rewarded a Box. As to Comfort, it affects GMT, which you will be able to generate only at level 30.
  4. It is best to purchase sneakers starting from level 5 with zero Mint count. This way you will save time on cost recovery.
  5. If you want to start with a minimum budget (~$1,200) and plan to keep a single pair of sneakers per account, then you do not have to upgrade them above level 9. This will only delay the payback. 
  6. For an optimal start, you must invest about $4,000 with a maximum upgrade level of 14-15. This will allow you to return your investment faster. 
  7. If you have less than nine sneakers on your account, then opening sockets and inserting crystals is pointless. 
  8. Bad sneakers for 12 SOL will pay off for as long as good sneakers for 14-15 SOL.
  9. You can calculate the payback in a STEPN calculator.

Here’s a tip on how to raise your income by 20%. This applies to those who have only two energy points on their account: many people spend energy at once, but you might want to do it four times a day.

Energy is spent by 0.2 per minute. If you spend one energy point, then you will be rewarded 5 GST, but if you spend 0.5 energy, then you will be rewarded 6 GST for the same amount of energy. If the durability indicator is higher than the level, then you will also save on maintenance.

How Much Can I Make with STEPN?

There is a common thread in STEPN feedback: people do earn money in the app, that’s a fact. But the number of earnings varies.

For example, the guy in this video makes $2,500 a month. The creator of this video managed to make $3,500 a month.

It is also important to consider risks that may affect your plans and calculations. For example, many participants purchased sneakers at the time when the SOL price was going up, but now it has dropped to $100, which means extra ROI time.

Today, the sneakers will pay back in 1.5—2 months, and, according to the reviews, the project outlook tends to be promising. By the way, STEPN analogs are emerging now, which suggests that this trend will be widely adopted.


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