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Facebook Ads Q&A with Meta Support Agent

Recently, our followers had the opportunity to ask a Meta Support agent questions about Facebook Ads. Hereby, we have compiled Q&A from this post:

Ads Manager Q&A

Question #1: Does the GEO of the bank card bonded to the account affect its trust level? For instance, I have a Ukrainian account. In the billing section, I specified the USA and time zone of Brazil, and added the US card. Will it trigger a system? Do changes in GEO and time zones to those that do not match the account’s and the card’s GEO in the billing section trigger a system as well?

Answer: Yes. If the geolocation doesn’t match, then the ad account may be BANNED according to the risk payment policy. Next, they will ask you:

  • Have you been traveling during the last 60 days?

Why don’t the ad account details match the user’s geolocation and bank card details? To have fewer issues with your account, the data you specify in the billing section must match the details in the Facebook profile (ad account admin’s details).

Question #2: What exactly affects the trust level of the account?

Answer: It is affected by ad policy violations and a certain number of rejected ads or payments.

Question #3: Can Meta support agents see deleted ad campaigns when they check the account?

Answer: Yes, even deleted ad campaigns are recorded in the system.

Meta agents check this information in your ad account. If you type “Ad delivery is deleted” in the search bar in the ad cabinet, you’ll see all ads you deleted.

Question #4: What else affects it besides the spent amount? Is it age? Do you somehow consider actions outside Facebook?

Answer: Trust increases well if the ad cabinet in the Business Manager and the Business Manager itself is verified.

At first (for new ad accounts), it is not the amount you spend on ads that is important but successful payments and active use of the ad account.

Ad accounts are connected if they are specified in the same Business Manager.

If the Business Manager has a level 3 trust, then when you create the ad account, it is automatically assigned a trust level 2.

The daily spending limit increases faster for such ad accounts.

Question #5: Why did they remove the quick moderation option if ads are pending review for a long time?

Answer: Yes, they constantly change things. They changed it for us too. At the time, you could re-submit an ad for review 50 times until you get moderators to approve it! Now customer support only has one try. They introduced ad review limitations. If your ad didn’t pass the review and you requested a re-review and they still won’t approve it, then delete the ad and upload it again by changing the name of the creative.

Or if you are lucky enough to get connected with a good agent, you can ask them to review your ad via the GBG channel: I checked and it works.

Question #6: If they frequently reject ads in the account, does this mean that they’ll impose stronger review measures on the entire account?

Answer: Yes, it affects your ad account’s trust level. Due to the large rejected ads count, your ad account might be permanently disabled.

Question #7: What’s the best timing to launch ad campaigns considering I have a unique creative?

Answer: According to statistics, most people spend time on Facebook during lunch and in the evening.

Also, by analyzing your audience and viewing the ad campaign breakdown, you can see at what time your ad’s impression count was the largest on Facebook and at what time your campaign performed best. It all depends on the GEO you drive traffic to.

Question #8: Is there a possibility that Facebook “shadow bans” the creative and redirects non-converting traffic to it? Does it occur that it provides leads and then after collecting a certain reaction count it’s like it cuts everything off?

Answer: I had a similar question during my training. They assured me that Facebook does not fake ad delivery numbers. All the numbers that you see in the ad account are people who viewed the ad for at least three seconds.

Question #9: What is the ‘Tier 2’ and ‘Tier 3’ trust level?

Answer: Each ad account is assigned a Tier 0-3 trust level.

Pages Q&A

Question #1: Does it make any difference if I launch ads with NPE Page or a standard Page?

Answer: It doesn’t matter what Page you use. A Page represents a means for people to get to know your business better. You must have likes and posts on your Page. Otherwise, it may be banned. So you might not want to opt for an empty Page for advertising.

Question #2: Does the quality of the account affects the trust level of the Page I create within the account?

Answer: No, it doesn’t.

Question #3: Does the Page affect the target audience of the ad?

Answer: When you launch an ad campaign, the system checks the Page, Profile, Instagram Profile (if any), and Business Manager. In Meta, there is a rule that a business Page is an object where people get familiar with your business. If it has posts, and company details, it is well designed, and most importantly, there are LIKES from people, the system identifies that this business is valid, thus ad delivery is better. You might want to warm up your Page for three to four days after creating it and before promoting any ads with it.

Question #4: Does the Page affect the level of trust?

Answer: The Page does not affect the level of trust in your ad account.

Bans Q&A

Question #1: Does Facebook ban gambling creatives? Can the moderator break through the cloak, view the landing page, and ban my account because the destination page is related to gambling?

Answer: When you launch an ad, the system checks either text and creative, or everything related to the ad account like the destination link, for example, to check what users will see. As far as I know, if you have a pre-landing page, the system review ends at the URL that you specify when setting up an ad campaign. However, the moderator may follow the link and check it further. They may also block you due to suspicious creative, Page content, or website content.

Question #2: How does the system review the profile?

Answer: First of all, a real person must own the profile. If no real name or photo is specified, or there are no various actions that a human can perform, the profile may be BANNED. If the profile is banned, it will say “Ad account BANHAMER”.

Thus, the profile cannot manage ad creatives.

Question #3: Why are the unban or ID check requests submitted by the Business Manager pending review for a very long time instead of the 48 hours you specify?

Answer: Yes, it’s a running problem. Rarely can they check it in 48 hours. Try to contact customer support to find out if they can submit it for verification. Generally, when you receive any BAN message, you might want to contact customer support at once. Usually, they check our requests faster.

Question #4: How to solve the issue when they request ID verification on a loop?

Answer: It’s a system bug related to accounts called PREHARM.

  • Try downloading documents using the ads manager app on your device.
  • To do it, download the Facebook Adverts Manager App to your device.
  • Login to it and click the “Question Mark” icon at the bottom of the page.
  • Next, click “Visit Help Centre”. Among the recommended articles, select “Troubleshooting a Disabled Ad Account”. Find and click the “Account Quality” text highlighted in blue.
  • Try to upload the documents from there.

Many people succeed.

Question #5: Why do you refuse to unban my account when I upload the documents?

Answer: Because it’s not about the document but about the ad creative that violates ad policy. They hoax you with the excuse that they are unable to confirm your identity. If there are no changes for more than a month, then you might as well just forget about it. You might also want to try to solve this issue via customer support. Sometimes the system allows you to submit a business manager, Page, or profile for re-review.

Question #6: What are the reasons for the ban?

Answer: There are a lot of various restrictions. You must check either the Page, Business Manager, or ad account. Meta never provides the exact reason why you were blocked. Even customer support agents don’t really know all of them, especially newbies. However, by analyzing + experience + knowing where to look, we may identify the exact reason why your ad account was banned.

Question #7: Why is it that often after I submit my ID for review, I receive a reply stating that “it was impossible to confirm the identity”. What do I do about it?

Answer: This might occur if there is a lock on the Business Manager, profile, or Page.

Don’t do that to yourself. If it lasts for more than a month, forget it.


Question #1: Hello, can I get free psychological care because of the troubles Facebook causes me?

Answer: You can request a coupon from the agent to compensate you for your troubles.

Generally, you have the right to request a coupon for a specific reason like for some bug that affected the ad campaign performance, for example.

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