How to Eliminate/Bypass Billing Error on Facebook*?

Hello everyone! The Avalon team is here. A few weeks ago, our favorite traffic source revealed billing issues after ads were launched. The billing error does not allow you to launch traffic and ads. Our team has developed several solutions to help you get around this issue.

Solution #1. Launch Ads from Prepaid Accounts

Such accounts will allow you to launch ads without the error in 100% of cases. All that remains is to find such accounts in required quantities. Some bots offer them but their availability is limited. You can try to create such accounts yourself:

From our experience, the following approach works well: the country of the bank card issue – China + Yuan currency + Alipay as the method of replenishment. But this method imposes certain restrictions on account replenishment. You may bypass them, but we haven’t worked it out yet.

Solution #2. Launch Ads from “Well-Worn” Accounts (Budget or Debt Accounts)

This type of account also allows you to launch ads without billing errors. For safety, you can bind the bank card after your ad has been approved.

Solution #3. Warm-Up & Manual Billing

First, you must enable the involvement for any FP post, wait until the minimum amount is billed, pay for it manually, and then launch your ad.

Solution #4. Re-Review

Launch your ad for conversions right away, wait until you receive a billing error message and your ad is rejected, then edit it (a “space” symbol in the title/text will do), and submit it for re-review. After the ad is activated, the error message will disappear.

Solution #5. Boost a Post After Billing Error

Launch ad for conversions right away, receive a billing error message, and enable a FP post boosting. After that, the error message should disappear, but an account might be frozen as well without an option to launch ads. Sometimes binding a new bank card helps to unfreeze the account. Or you can change ads and submit them for re-review.

Solution #6. Add New Bank Card

Here’s a guide on the solution:

Recently, this method proved to be inefficient.

Solution #7. “Try Again” Button

Press “Try again” and “Billing” several times. This solution is inefficient now, but some accounts were saved with it.


Above, I’ve described seven solutions which help our team to avoid/solve the billing error issue. Some of them are not that efficient now, while some are still relevant. As FB is constantly changing, I can’t guarantee that these solutions will work after some time. I wish you all good luck and successful ad campaigns!

*By Meta (declared extremist organization and banned in Russia).

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