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How to Search for Successful Traffic Arbitrage Schemes?

A traffic arbitrage scheme is a set of approaches, actions, and conditions used for a specific offer. The scheme should result in a certain outcome. This includes the offer, the traffic source, creatives, landing pages, and your management practices. Your profit depends on the scheme you’ll choose. Let’s consider the options and analyze the step-by-step search process.

Which options do I have?

  • First of all, address the manager in the affiliate program. They take an interest in greater traffic arbitrage volumes as much as you do. It’s even better if you are friends with the manager. He’ll give the information to help you decide on the best options.
  • You can start testing various offers and approaches from scratch until you have a result, but it is costly and time-consuming.
  • Spy service offers quick and reliable search. It comes at a price, but it’s effective.

Let’s consider the last option and the ADheart Spy Service (get 15% off with the ‘CPARIP’ promo code). Besides getting access, you should also learn how to use it.

How to search for nutra and commodity offer schemes?

Offers and creatives

Sometimes you can’t find the right keywords. Publishers are creative people and there’s no way to tell which keywords or tagline they’ve chosen for their scheme to work. Plus, some of them use just a picture or video without text. Therefore, we’ll use other search criteria.

Search by URL markers

You can search ads in the ‘In URL:’ field. There are many unique URL markers, which are mainly used by publishers:

  • subid=
  • ?fbid

and similar URL fragments:

Basically, publishers use such domains that advertisers would not use within the country. For example:

  • .ru
  • .info
  • .site
  • .space
  • .website
  • .xyz
  • .pw

You might also want to search by domains of various website builders popular with publishers, like Shopify, Tilda, Blogspot, etc.

Select the required geo and language. In our case, it is Poland.

Scroll through the creatives until you’ll spot the one you like the most:

Continue search in chain

Let’s start here and try to find other creatives for this offer.

Click  to see other creatives that have been running within this domain. It has only been used once, so let’s move on. Take the “Grzyb nie tylko niszczy wygląd” tagline from this creo and search for it:

There are two ads, but it’s not enough.

Click to see the ads that have been running from this Fanpage. Now it’s getting interesting:

You can see that these ads were running for 2-4 days*. The author of these creatives uses his scheme or at least tests it actively. You should pay attention to this scheme.

*The displayed ad duration is not always accurate. Therefore, you can go to the Fanpage and see the ads and the promotion time in the ad library:

But since ads, accounts, and fanpages are being actively banned now, it’s not always possible to spot ads in the library. It is a good sign if you’ve found one.

You can also discover how others design Fanpage and work with it.

Whitepages and Landing pages

A scheme includes something more than just pictures. Follow the link to see the ‘whitepage’:

To view the ‘black’ web (final destination) you need to bypass the cloak. For more details go to:

After you bypass it, you’ll see the landing page where the traffic goes:

Follow the link to discover pre-landing downloading options

That’s it. You now have a scheme that you can repeat / modify.

How to search for the scheme in the gambling vertical?

Search by apps

It’s easier to search for gambling in the ‘Apps’ tab. Select the required app and observe the creatives:

Standard search

You can search for schemes developed by publishers who don’t drive traffic directly to the apps in the same way as it is described in the nutra offers section above. But in this case, it’s better to search by keywords. For example, ‘slots’, ‘wins’, etc.

That’s what you’ll get:


If you handle the tools the right way and do some digging in spy services in a chain, you can find fresh schemes you can make use of.

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