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Calendar Ads

Calendar push ads are a relatively new push notification format for iOS. These ads are embedded in the “Calendar” app on Apple devices in a form of scheduled events so that the user receives several notifications before the event ends.

Calendar push messages include a header, a text description of the event, and a link to the advertiser’s website. Notifications are displayed even on the locked screen of the device, so users won’t miss them.

Advertising network - Our evaluation
It's an international ad network that provides favorable partnership terms for webmasters, advertisers, publishers, and other ad networks. The network has operated in online marketing since 2013. They have an in-house Ad Exchange and a Self-Serve platform.
It's an advertising network with an in-house platform.
RollerAds review
It’s a global American ad network established in 2019. They operate all over the world.
RichAds review
It’s a platform for PUSH and POP traffic trading. It will allow you to monetize your website traffic, use ready-made landing pages, save your budget, and scale efficiently with automatic optimization tools and expert customer support.