Popunder Ads

Popunder ads open in a new browser tab when the user views the page. Popunder ads do not affect the experience of viewing the body content. 

They may include a static or animated image, text, and a link to the advertiser’s website. The format is not considered intrusive but many browsers block pop-ups by default.

Около Арбитраж

Advertising network - Our evaluation
It’s an international ad network with direct traffic from website owners as its main feature. You’re welcome to join Galaksion and access the platform where they have all the tools you’ll require to launch profitable ad campaigns or monetize websites. They support 160+ GEOs, 10+ verticals with high CR, and six ad formats.
It's an advertising network with an in-house platform.
It’s an ad network for traffic purchase and monetization. They accept websites and traffic from exchanges. In the dashboard, they have ready-made landing pages for publishers to use. As of this writing, free advertiser’s registration is unavailable.
It's an international multi-format network established in 2013. The total volume of traffic exceeds 25 billion impressions per month, covering more than 240 GEOs. The volume of push traffic exceeds two billion impressions per week. They only work with direct advertisers.
RollerAds review
It’s a global American ad network established in 2019. They operate all over the world.
It’s an ad platform with its headquarters in the UK. They stand out from competitors with a wide range of supported advertising technologies, payment systems, and excellent customer service. They also work with a variety of ad formats.
It's an international ad network that provides favorable partnership terms for webmasters, advertisers, publishers, and other ad networks. The network has operated in online marketing since 2013. They have an in-house Ad Exchange and a Self-Serve platform.
It's an ad network focused on PUSH and popunder traffic trading with an emphasis on the affiliate marketing niche. The network was established in 2016.
It's one of the largest advertising platforms established in 2011. They trade traffic worldwide. Currently, more than 32,000 advertisers are available in the ad network.
UngAds review
It's an international ad network that offers several ad placement options suitable for companies, publishers, and direct advertisers.
It’s one of the largest and earliest ad networks established in 2007. Now, they have more than 500 thousand affiliate sites.
RichAds review
It’s a platform for PUSH and POP traffic trading. It will allow you to monetize your website traffic, use ready-made landing pages, save your budget, and scale efficiently with automatic optimization tools and expert customer support.
Dao.AD review
It’s an advanced advertising network focused on traffic monetization and conversion with PUSH notifications, popunder, native teasers, and video ads.
It’s an ad network focused on traffic from Russia and the CIS. They work with all products and provide high mobile traffic volume.