Aleksey Kontsov Sold NFT Token of Escort Girls Photo Took in Dubai for 24 ETH

Alexey Kontsov, the founder of Involta, sold an NFT token of escort girls’ photo, which was the reason he served time in Dubai jail. Riddick, the founder of the PinUp Partners Affiliate Program, purchased the token for 24 Ethereum (about $46,000).

Kontsov traded the token on the OpenSea Platform. You can find it in the “Collected” section of Yariddick’s profile. The transaction was carried out on 26 May.

Alex Kontsov shared with the Mash Online Newspaper that he likes collecting things that have a story to tell. Many people asked him to trade this photo. He is glad that young billionaires get a feel for the art. He also claims that he sold it at a give-away price of 24 ETH.

Earlier in April 2021, Alexey Kontsov was detained by the UAE police because of naked girls on his balcony. He spent a week in jail. They deported everyone involved in the photoshoot.


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