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Affiliate - Our assessment
Min. payment amount
AFFSTAR Affiliate Network and Advertiser provides original white and nutra offers for any traffic source! They work within CPS, CPA, and CPI partnership strategies.
1 ruble
MetaCPA review
Meta CPA is a convenient nutra and whitehat affiliate network with wide experience and large income. It was established in 2013.
$50, €50
It's a CPA network with a large selection of popular, exclusive, original commodity and nutra offers.
An international affiliate program, which accepts traffic from 30+ countries. They assist partners in creatives’ localization.
2,000 rubles
It's an international affiliate program with seven years of experience. They have about 1,000 active offers and more than 100 in-house products and a call center.
2,000 rubles, $40, or €40
It's a CPA network with products for the CIS, Europe, and Arab countries. There are offers in such popular categories as weight loss, wellness & beauty, watches, and others. They also have white products. You can choose full-price or low-price offers on the landing page.
5,000 rubles
It's an international CPA network and a direct advertiser. They have tangible products and nutra offers.
It's a commodity affiliate program established in 2016 with an in-house call center. They regularly launch original offers in different categories.
2,500 rubles
It's a commodity affiliate program with 1,000+ offers that have been in the market for over five years. They have offers in 20+ categories: weight loss, beauty & personal care, smartphones and gadgets, hunting and fishing, 18+, and others.
100 rubles / $1
It's a commodity CPA network that has been in the affiliate market for almost five years. First, they were focused on Russia and the CIS, then they started adding offers for the non-CIS market.
1,000 rubles
It's an affiliate program with a wide selection of offers. They have financial products, gambling, games, and mail-order products.
$50, 3,000 rubles