Script: Display Date & Time on Landing Page in Different Formats

Here’s a useful script for landing pages by the Yellow Web.

It’s a simple, lightweight 9-kilobytes script, which allows you to insert all kinds of dates on the landing page. What does it do? It outputs as follows:

  • The date and month in the following format: “date and month in words”;
  • The long date and the weekday;
  • The current date in the following format: DD.MM.YYYY or (for USA etc.) MM.DD.YYYY;
  • It’s localized in 30 languages to display months and weekdays.

It’s easy to use: enable the “dtime.js” script file, specify the two-letter country designation, and then use the three built-in features 👇

let lang_locale='ru';

Download the script file: dtime.js

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