Browser Extensions to Boost Your Facebook Experience

Hereby, we’ve compiled browser extensions that prove very useful for Facebook traffic arbitrage.

FB Acc Status Plugin

It’s a powerful browser script for Facebook that provides detailed account insights. It’s capable of creating Business Manager, Fan Page, and NPE Fan Page. They invest heavily in extension development.

You can install it by dragging it to the bookmarks bar.


It’s a FB multi-tool that compiles ad, proxy, cookie stats, and much more.


The tool allows you to find out the reason for rejecting an ad campaign.

Facebook Pixel Helper

The tool allows you to check the Facebook pixel operation on the website.

2FA Authenticator

The authenticator generates two-factor authentication codes right in your browser.


It’s an authorized extension that allows you to quickly create an account in the self-hosted version of Dolphin by adding an access token, cookies, proxies, and tags.

Dolphin promo code: CPARIP – get 20% off the first payment and a four-days trial (instead of three days).

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