Top 16 Traffic Arbitrage Trackers in 2021

We’ve compiled a list of top CPA trackers for traffic arbitrage. It includes tracker descriptions, subscription options, and promo codes. 

Traffic tracker is a tool to help you optimize, track, and manage traffic.

The list also includes cloud and self-hosted solutions. They offer a variety of features. Some are geared towards cloaking.


Keitaro is a top self-hosted tracker on the market. It allows cloaking, integrates with IM KLO, and much more. It’s beyond tracking. There’s a variety of advanced features like ad campaign optimization, CPA arbitrage, tracking the traffic channels performance, and website protection.

  • Solution type: self-hosted
  • Interface language: Russian

Keitaro advanced features

With this tracker, you can:

  • No redirections – landing pages archives are uploaded directly to the tracker
  • Download expenses from Facebook automatically
  • Park domains and use them as campaign links
  • Edit the landing page code inside the tracker
  • Upload postbacks to the tracker and affiliate networks from order forms on the website
  • Send and receive postbacks from landing pages of affiliate networks via API
  • Create and use smart links
  • Link PHP, JS, and WordPress sites to the tracker hosted on other servers and hosting services
  • Assign user roles
  • Generate different reports with 30+ various metrics to review the ad campaign performance

Monthly subscription plans: Get 15% off with the CPARIP promo code

There’s a 7-day trial version.

  • Basic: $25
  • Pro: $40
  • Business: $70


Binom is a top self-hosted tracker in clicks processing and reporting. Their main goal is to save your time.

  • Solution type: self-hosted
  • Interface language: English

Binom advanced features

Tracker is the main tool for traffic arbitrage. Choosing a perfect tracker will be your landmark decision. Tracking errors are crucial. You can lose ROI because of slow redirection, or you can waste your time because of the tracker’s clumsy user interface. If you choose Binom, you will score an advantage over competitors.

  • You’ll pay for license only, regardless of traffic volume
  • Maintains millions of clicks per day
  • Processes a click in 7ms regardless of volume
  • Quickest reporting on the market
  • Campaign group reports
  • Monthly large-scale updates
  • Fast user-friendly interface
  • Customizable user roles
  • Tech support responds in 2 minutes

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Binom License: $99


adspect is an all-in-one cloaking service, plus bot filter, plus CPA tracker.  It quickly finds and excludes bot sources. The service checks all clicks to your landing page or affiliate offer and classifies each as target or off-target. Targeted traffic is allowed to the content, while unsafe traffic is redirected to another page that contains no private data.

  • Solution type: cloud
  • Interface language: Russian

adspect advanced features

  • You can advertise anything on any ad network
  • Long-term, continuous ad campaigns
  • Less expense for non-converting platforms
  • Built-in funnel tracker with customizable statistics
  • Automatic offers and landings split testing
  • Automatic landing pages rotation by timer
  • Full CDN support, including Cloudflare proxy mode
  • REST API for traffic control
  • They do not use KYC, do not moderate, and don’t ask any questions

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Standard: $300
  • Pro: $500


With Voluum, you can manage all your campaigns with a single tracker. Track, optimize, and automate your ads with affiliate tracking software. Recommended by digital marketers worldwide!

  • Solution type: cloud
  • Interface language: English

Voluum advanced features

  • Rule-based targeting
  • Direct Tracking Pixel
  • Custom conversions tracking
  • Manual data processing option
  • Over 30 metrics for every view, visit, click, and conversion
  • Mobile campaign monitoring with the Voluum app

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Discover: $69
  • Profit: $149
  • Grow: $449
  • Agency: $999


AdsBridge is a one-box solution for any business. It provides a wide range of tools and unlimited features regardless of the subscription plan. AdsBridge works for you, its goal is to increase your profit. It is good software with a variety of features.

  • Solution type: cloud
  • Interface language: Russian

AdsBridge advanced features

  • Secure cloud hosting
  • User-friendly platform
  • A huge selection of features
  • Super-fast redirection
  • Customizable reports
  • Scalable infrastructure
  • Automatic campaign optimization

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Starter: $29
  • Professional: $89
  • Advanced: $199
  • Business: $379


OctoTracker is the most powerful and customizable tracker for publishers. They offer both cloud and self-hosted solutions.

  • Solution type: cloud/self-hosted
  • Interface language: Russian

OctoTracker advanced features

  • Advanced analytics
  • Customizable TDS
  • Full support for lead statuses
  • High performance and reliability
  • Perfect for product offers

Monthly subscription plans:

Self-hosted tracker

  • Beginner: 2,400 rubles
  • Pro: 3,700 rubles


  • Beginner Cloud: 2,600 rubles
  • Pro Cloud 30: 4,200 rubles
  • Pro Cloud 100: 8,500 rubles
  • VIP Cloud:  special terms and conditions


RedTrack is highly competitive with pricier analogs. This all-in-one ad tracker will help you boost your affiliate campaigns and learn practical insights to increase your ROI.

  • Solution type: cloud
  • Interface language: English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish 

Redtrack advanced features

  • Improved tracking without redirection
  • Automated rules
  • Multi-user access
  • No 3rd party cookies tracking
  • A/B tests with redirection
  • Checks clicks and conversions for bots
  • Customizable postback settings
  • Filters by anonymous and proxy IP

Monthly subscription plans:


  • Basic: $49
  • Pro: $99
  • Advanced: $149


  • Team: $249
  • Agency: $449
  • Enterprise: $1,119


Peerclick is a free CPA tracker. It allows real-time management, tracking, analysis, and optimization of ad campaigns and affiliate programs. You can track all your ad campaigns from one place and analyze data to review workflow performance.

Peerclick advanced features

  • Instant redirection
  • Automatic traffic distribution
  • Anti-fraud protection
  • Teamwork
  • Pixel tracking
  • Preset templates
  • Reports API

Monthly subscription plans:

  • FREE: $0
  • Basic+: $99
  • Advanced: $249
  • Exclusive: $649


Zeustrack is perfect for CPA arbitrage regardless of traffic type. Track your campaigns outcome, host servers, manage landing pages, work as a team, assign user roles, scale ad campaigns – Zeustrack offers this and so much more.

  • Solution type: cloud
  • Interface language: English

Zeustrack advanced features

  • Distributed infrastructure
  • Landing pages are stored in the cloud
  • Advanced filtering
  • JS integration
  • Redirect-free tracking
  • Multilevel reports
  • Free SSL certificates for each domain
  • Team subscription plan

Monthly subscription plans:

There is a 7-day trial version.

  • Essential: €210 
  • Grow: €399
  • Pro: €675


zTDS is a free traffic distribution system (TDS). Allows you to conduct cost-effective split testing, distribute traffic by device and GEO, use a variety of filters and settings. It filters bots and forwards them to white pages. This is a great tool if you have a limited budget or you need a traffic distribution option without unnecessary features.

Monthly subscription plans: $0


BeMob is a non-CIS-focused tracker. It’s an ad tracking software for media buyers and affiliate marketers, and a universal solution for online advertising.

  • Solution type: cloud
  • Interface language: English

BeMob advanced features

  • Seamless redirection
  • No traffic loss
  • Advanced rules and targeting
  • Multi-language interface and support
  • Anti-fraud protection
  • Automatic optimization
  • Multichannel notifications
  • Customizable settings
  • Customizable workspaces
  • API-integrated traffic sources
  • Tracking multiple sequences
  • Tracking without cookies

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Basic: $0
  • Professional: $49
  • Business: $249
  • Enterprise: $499

CPA Tracker

CPA Tracker offers one-page statistics from all ad networks with income and expenses.

  • Solution type: cloud/self-hosted
  • Interface language: Russian

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Personal: $0
  • Solo: 2,500 rubles
  • Business: 5,000 rubles


With Thrive you can see all your traffic sources and all your offers on a single dashboard.

Thrive advanced features

  • AI optimization
  • Bot filter
  • Fast redirection
  • Automatic scaling
  • Domains management
  • World-class support
  • LP Pixel
  • Funnel support
  • Multi-user access

Monthly subscription plans:

There is a 14-day trial version.

  • Cloud Lite: $35
  • Cloud Classic: $79
  • Cloud Pro: $249
  • Cloud Entrepreneur: $375
  • Cloud Enterprise: $799


Improvely helps you track, test, and optimize your online marketing experience. Join over 7,000 marketers who already improve their tracking and fraud detection experience. It identifies the source of each subscription and sale, whether it’s a marketing campaign or other. Monitoring systems check every click for suspicious activity. Get instant alerts on potential click fraud and take action to protect your ad budget.

improvely advanced features

  • Click fraud control
  • All in one place
  • Free trial version

Monthly subscription plans:

There’s a 14-day trial version.

  • STARTUP: $79
  • SMALL AGENCY: $149
  • LARGE AGENCY: $299


With ClickMeter you’ll get the most out of your links. Track, compare, and optimize all your marketing links in one place to improve your conversion rates.

Monthly subscription plans:

  • Medium: $29
  • Large: $99
  • X-Large: $349


There are 40+ detailed tracking metrics in iMobiTrax. Developed by media buyers for media buyers. The more data you can track, collect, analyze, and efficiently optimize, the more you can focus on ad campaign scaling.

iMobiTrax advanced features

  • Safe, Secure
  • Redirect Speed Optimized
  • Landing Page, Direct Link, Path Split Testing
  • Multiple Post Click Redirection Rules

Monthly subscription plans:

Fixed price: $179

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