Dolphin{anty} Powered by Chrome – New Anti-Detect Browser for Traffic Arbitrage

An open beta-test of the new Dolphin{anty} anti-detect browser has already started. At the moment, the beta version is full-scale and free!

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Dolphin {anty} is an anti-detect browser for solo publishers and teams geared towards Facebook, Google, TikTok, etc. Automation service, API and team features are coming soon.

This anti-detect browser has no equals on the market, as it is powered by Chrome unlike its main competitors (powered by Chromium).

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Many publishers’ routine tasks like creating accounts, tracking their statuses, and team interaction have been resolved in Dolphin{anty}.

This browser is tightly coupled with the Facebook Dolphin automation tool. 

Main features of the Dolphin{anty}

  • Real fingerprints of Chrome-powered browser profiles – you will be as close to a regular Internet user as possible. Dolphin{anty} is powered by Chrome, so you don’t need to patch Chromium impersonations.
  • Automation – API and full processes automation will come soon.

Here are some video reviews on Dolphin{anty} features

Browser profile statuses

Changing your IP with a mobile proxy

FB profiles and integration

Profile copying and tags

How do notes work?

Dolphin{anty} review

First of all, let’s check it at

Now let’s take a closer look at its interface and features

  • First, create a list of statuses for your needs so it’ll be more convenient to work with

  • To create a new profile, press “+” in the upper right

  • Go to the “General” tab, type in the profile name and tags, select status, proxy, etc.
  • Here, you can also generate a browser profile fingerprint.

  • You can configure the advanced masking parameters in the “Advanced” tab

  • Select the icon and type in the description (note) in the “Profile” tab

  • There is a popup menu with settings for each profile on the list

  • It has a convenient feature set for copying profiles with fingerprints randomization

  • Teams can create users and set their roles

  • Filtering by status and tags comes in handy when you work with several profiles

  • There are quick bookmarks (Facebook, Google Ads, etc.) in the profile, based on the selected profile type. It’s super convenient!

  • There is a control panel at the bottom for mass operations with profiles

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