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Gerwin: Copywriter AI Review & Promo

Here’s a review and feedback on Gerwin – an AI-based copywriter neuronet that generates high-quality texts by the specified parameters in Russian and English. At times, the service is capable of replacing the human copywriter.

Gerwin is a top-of-the-line AI-based copywriter service that generates texts, ads, articles, social media posts, product announcements, and much more. The abundance of ready-made templates allows you to generate and customize content for various tasks and scenarios.

Besides, you can use everything you created in your account freely, with no content right commitment.

Character Packs

  • 10,000 characters – 330 rubles (33 rubles/1,000 characters)
  • 25,000 characters – 650 rubles (26 rubles/1,000 characters)
  • 50,000 characters – 1,100 rubles (22 rubles/1,000 characters)
  • 100,000 characters – 1,900 rubles (19 rubles/1,000 characters)
  • 200,000 characters – 3,200 rubles (16 rubles/1,000 characters)
  • 300,000 characters – 4,600 rubles (15.33 rubles/1,000 characters)
  • 500,000 characters – 7,000 rubles (14 rubles/1,000 characters)
  • 1,000,000 characters – 12,000 rubles (12 rubles/1,000 characters)
  • 2,000,000 characters – 22,000 rubles (11 rubles/1,000 characters)
  • 5,000,000 characters – 50,000 rubles (10 rubles/1,000 characters)

Social Media

Customer Support

Gerwin AI Promo Code

In the Telegram bot, they give away a promo code that allows you to test 10,000 characters for free.

Pick up an exclusive promo code to test Gerwin AI for free in the Telegram bot:

Take the following steps to activate the free character pack:

  1. Follow the link to request a promo code in the Telegram bot. It will respond with a code (it may take up to several hours).
  2. Sign up here:
  3. Go to the checkout:
  4. Select the “10,000 Characters” pack and click “Select Pack“.

  1. On the checkout page, enter the promo code and click “Enable for Free”:

  1. That’s it. You are now credited 10,000 characters.

Interface & Features

After logging in, a step-by-step guide on all the sections, tools, and features will pop up. Therefore, getting things in order won’t be a problem.

There is information on character packs and statistics on the dashboard:

The essentials to help you get started are available in the side menu:


For convenience, the service provides numerous templates for text generation containing details on each template.

Generated Text Samples

Let’s start with the “AIDA Marketing Model” template

AIDA — a secret customer management model: attentioninterestdesireaction.

On the left, specify the relevant data and parameters; on the right, you can see the result:

Attention:Tired of joint pain that stands in the way of enjoying your retirement? Sustavimin is here to help!

Interest: Sustavimin is a pioneer of joint treatment efficient in abatement and improving physical mobility.

Desire: Elderly deserve to enjoy their golden years. Sustavimin is here to ease the joint pain that comes with aging.

Action: If you want to try Sustavimin, consult your physician to find out whether it is right for you.

As you can see, the text is adequate and readable; you can work with it after some rewriting.

Keep in mind that the built-in filter blocks restricted content like pornography, extremism, violence, and cruelty.


You can work on the generated text in the built-in editor:

You can also add content from other templates available in the side menu:

For example, you can generate a clickbait header:

Or you can rewrite the required piece of text:

You can also generate a new text based on the highlighted phrase:

Or generate comments:

We checked it with the service that verified that the generated content is 100% unique:


Gerwin AI is a high-quality text generation tool that can solve some traffic arbitrage issues. Being an efficient and reliable tool, it allows you to improve traffic and conversions.

P.S. The summary was generated by Gerwin AI.

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