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Top 26 One-Use Email Providers

We’ve compiled a list of 26 providers that will allow you to create a single-use email and won’t require authorization. The list includes API-based services, PIN-protected emails, or those that may last for more than ten minutes.

Maildrop Service provides one single-use email for free and requires no login data. It may store up to ten emails in your inbox and is disabled after 24 hours of being inactive. Do not use it with sensitive data!

The provider requires authorization and that you provide an additional active email address. There is no inbox email interface – messages are forwarded to the active email address you must specify upon registration.


It’s a one-time test mailbox with an API.

The provider allows you to copy the generated email address or assign a new one and start receiving inbox emails at once. There’s an option to choose from mailbox subdomains.


The provider creates a mailbox that accepts and stores your incoming emails for ten minutes or more (you can adjust the duration in the “Settings”). It allows you to protect your temporary email with a PIN code. You can also create a secret email and use it instead. These features are available in the settings. An Android app is available as well.

The provider creates a temporary email that is active for ten minutes only but within these ten minutes, you can extend the time for another ten minutes and up to 100 minutes. Provider updates the domain every 45 days to avoid blocking it on some websites.

The provider supports an unlimited number of one-time mailboxes in one click. The mailbox is active until you refresh the page.

It doesn’t require authorization and provides you with a new email in one click. They have a premium feature set and are available on iOS and Android.

  • Website:

It’s a free service that provides temporary emails and allows you to choose between two domain names.

It’s a temporary email provider that doesn’t require authorization. The emails it provides remain active from one hour to two weeks.

  • Website:

The provider allows you to customize your temporary email. Once two days are expired for unread emails and two months – for read emails, they are deleted automatically.

It’s a free and easy-to-use temporary email service.

MailCatch Service allows you to create temporary one-use emails. emails are deleted after seven days. However, mailboxes are not deleted and remain active as long as the domain is active as well.

At, all emails arrive in the same mailbox below. All email addresses are saved for a lifetime; you can access them given you know the inbox ID. Email messages are stored for one hour before they are deleted, regardless of whether you’re checking them or not.

You won’t require authorization to check a temporary mailbox on YOPmail. Messages are stored for eight days but you can also delete them manually. To avoid abuse of the services, you won’t be able to send emails with YOPmail.

To obtain a temporary email in the service, you’ll require authorization. The provider forwards all emails to your active email address.

The service allows you to choose a domain for a temporary mailbox from the list. The email address is active for one hour.

It’s another free temporary email service provider.

Emaildrop service provides free one-time emails. None of the Emaildrop addresses are password protected, so they are all public and anyone can use them. It supports API.

It’s a service with an advanced feature set and a large selection of domains for free emails. Email messages are stored for 30 days. There’s an option to park the custom domain.

Note that all accounts are password-protected so you might want to save your password. You can find it under the drop-down list of accounts. You won’t be able to reset the password.

With, no authorization is required. The temporary emails they provide are active for 45 minutes with an option to extend the time.

It’s a free temporary email provider. The email addresses it provides are active for one hour.

The email ID they provide is active for a lifetime, however, emails are deleted automatically after 24 hours. service provides temporary emails in two easy steps, quick and free of charge.

Temporary Email Bots

Here’s a list of featured Telegram bots:

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