How to Search for Low-Cost Drop Domains with Trust Appropriate for White Page?

A drop domain is an expired domain. Old domains might be used to drive traffic because they possess a certain level of trust and Facebook’s loyalty. In this article, we will analyze a simple scheme to search for a domain suitable for a White page.

We will opt for domains at

  • Sign up first:

  • Search for themed domains using keys:

  • Next, adjust the required filters

In the ‘Сommon’ tab, check the ‘Deleted domains’ box:

  • Adjust the domain extension filters depending on the GEO which you’ll work with. For example: 
    • Additional — ccTLDs — Country Code TLDs — ru;
    • Additional — Original gTLDs — сom, biz, org;
    • Additional — Country Code Second Level Domains — ua.
    • etc.

  • Sort by Add Date to find newly removed domains. You can also select them by TF/CF indicators:

  • If there are no TF/CF columns, then go to the Column Manager, open Majestic General, and check the TF and CF boxes:

  • Select domains with non-zero DP, which also have a copy in the web archive (ACR).

  • View the website copy. The website must look ok:

  • Additionally, check the domain in the Facebook debugger to avoid sanctions. If the domain was mentioned and liked, it’ll increase trust.

  • Register the domain and link it to your hosting.

  • That’s it. You can now upload a White page and start driving traffic from Facebook

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