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Analytics: Top World’s Websites

Hostinger, a web hosting company, conducted a study to identify top websites globally.

Analytics excluded search engines, Facebook, and YouTube from the study, otherwise, they would prevail in the results. According to a Zyro study last year, users spent 213.2 billion hours in a year on Google, 142.6 billion hours on YouTube, and 44.6 billion hours on Facebook. These indicators outmatch other websites.

Key Indicators

  • Wikipedia is the top website by visits in 43 countries. This indicator is higher than that of other resources.
  • Amazon is the leading website in the USA and three other countries.
  • The most visited website in the UK is
  • BBC is the top website by visits in 12 countries.

North America

Amazon is the top website in the USA. 2.66 billion Americans visit the platform. One of the latest CivicScience studies showed that about half of US customers go directly to Amazon.

Twitter is popular in Mexico and the Dominican Republic; Wikipedia – is in Honduras, El Salvador, and Panama. Reddit is Canada’s leader.

Interestingly, the top website in Guatemala is the Nintenderos News Website for Nintendo fans. The Sufficient Velocity Forum about games and fantasy is visited annually by 4.97 million people in Puerto Rico.

South America

The Blogspot Blogging Service has fallen out of favor in the United States and other countries but it still attracts 6.12 million visits per year in Bolivia.

MercadoLibre is the top e-commerce website in Latin America. It operates according to the “eBay” model where sellers and buyers communicate via auctions.


Wikipedia is the top website by visits in 15 out of 38 European countries.

Apart from Wikipedia, local news websites are also popular in Europe. For instance, media and news websites within country code top-level domains are popular in the Balkans, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Croatia. The BBC website is popular in the UK. In Georgia, they mostly visit the 4Chan imageboard.

In Spain, the Marca Daily Sports Newspaper is the top website by visits. VK is the most popular resource in Russia and Belarus.

Middle East & Central Asia

Email service provider “” is the top website by visits in Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. Twitter is the leader in Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Wikipedia is popular in five out of 17 countries.

In Israel and Uzbekistan, news websites within country code top-level domains are the most popular.

The Rest of Asia & Oceania

Twitter and Wikipedia are among the most popular websites in these regions. Japan ranks second in active users count on Twitter. However, the top website by visits in this country is Livedoor.

Tistory is popular in South Korea.


In the majority of African countries, they mostly visit American and European resources like Twitter, Soundcloud, Amazon, and Netflix. Wikipedia is popular in eight out of 33 countries.

Interestingly, the top website by visits in Liberia is the IMDb Internet Movie Database.

In other countries, they mostly visit local websites. For example, the top resource in Ghana is the website of The University of Ghana with 6.28 million visits per year.

Banking Websites

Additionally, the analysts examined top websites within several categories.

Currency exchange became the most popular service they looked for on banking websites in nine countries.

In Thailand, the website of the Boursorama French Fintech Company turned out to be the most popular. In the USA, the same goes for the Chase Bank Website.

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