Top 10 Traffic Arbitrage Training Courses for Beginners (Gambling, Facebook, Google)

A quality training course in traffic arbitrage (whether it’s paid or free) is the shortest path to understand the matter.

Traffic arbitrage training

When it comes to traffic arbitrage training for beginners in gambling, Facebook, Google, or other affiliate products, publishers’ opinions vary. Some advocate training effectiveness, while others completely rule out such a way to obtain experience. This Holy War does not affect the growing number of training courses.

What does CPA.RIP think about traffic arbitrage training?

We think it’s simple. If you are good at self-tuition, you know how to search and you can analyze your mistakes, you have spare time and about $2,000-$4,000 which you are ready to lose, then you can learn how the traffic arbitrage works yourself. Here: and here: we have a large knowledge database. You can scroll down the latter article to see a list of free training courses.

But if you want to save time and money, some people can guide you through all the relevant traffic arbitrage options. For example, the CPARIP editorial staff had been trained by the IM Group team twice. They still advise us on some issues.


  • Training cost: $1,100
  • Special features: individual service and online chat with tech support, student bonuses
  • Level: suitable for those who are completely unaware of the topic
  • Duration: until you get results
  • Website:
  • Contact sells person: @Yessipov

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When it comes to traffic arbitrage, most moneymakers speak highly of the IM GROUP training programs. Dmitry Yesipov, the company owner, is the most recognizable leader in the traffic arbitrage niche. The IM GROUP team released such products as IM KLO, Maskfb, Keyof, BM limits checker.

IM GROUP conducted several courses on nutra and gambling traffic arbitrage with Facebook. They offer individual training under the mentor’s supervision. Each student has a separate chat room in the messenger with support and technical specialists.

Over 1,000 students have been trained by IM GROUP in three years and most of them remain satisfied. There were both beginners and advanced webmasters among the students. IM GROUP has trained many successful publishers, some of them later became successful team leaders.

The training program includes the following topics:

  1. A complete guide on accounts, including accounts farming and rented accounts.
  2. Technical details on servers, cloaks, anti-detect, and proxies.
  3. Advertising schemes and launching: affiliate networks, SPY services, and ad campaigns.
  4. Issues and options: ad-block and spends. How to bypass bans?
  5. A complete guide on creatives: making-of and uniquelization.
  6. Finance: payments, banks, suppliers, services.
  7. Two conference calls with the owner of the IM GROUP.


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Skanka is a well-known publisher, who owns the SKACPA affiliate network and gives regular speeches at conferences. He constantly seeks and gives away working schemes, mainly on white offers. He is among the few influencers whom there is absolutely no way you can call an online marketing fraudster.

The training is conducted in a live stream format. Later all streams are provided in the recording, for those who did not have time to watch it live or want to see it once again. Skanka88 provides continuous support until you have no questions. Also, during the training, he offers private and exclusive offers from SKACPA AN.

The training program includes the following topics:

  1. Google UAC & KMC.
  2. Traffic from UAC to gambling.
  3. How to work with white and gray verticals on Facebook?
  4. Commodity business with China.


  • Training cost: $499-$5,000
  • Special features: individual coaching
  • Level: Beginner / Advanced
  • Duration: 30-60 days
  • Website:

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Vasily Nashiba is a well-known affiliate specialist who has developed a reputation as an expert in moneymaking. He constantly uploads tutorials and shares tips & tricks with the community on his YouTube channel.

The team offers several options: training courses, coaching, and individual coaching with an owner. Beginners will learn how to work with white offers on Facebook, and advanced affiliates will take a closer look at the gray niches. For those who want to develop a business, there is individual coaching to help solve challenging tasks and build a team.

Training programs available:

  1. Coaching for beginners in Facebook Ads. Basics of white traffic arbitrage.
  2. Leader coaching for both beginners and advanced affiliates. In-depth training on gray niches.
  3. Account farming training.
  4. Individual coaching, which includes multiple Facebook products, and team-building training.
  5. Proxies workshop. Vasily promises to provide a ready-made solution to bring up unlimited DIY high-quality proxies.
  6. Facebook BM workshop. During the workshop, you’ll learn how to create BMs with an increased limit.
  7. Google Ads coaching, where they’ll provide all the necessary knowledge and tools for successful operations with Google Ads.
  8. Coaching on black offers: a complete guide on prohibited topics in Google Ads. Top cloaking strategies in 2021.
  9. Google Ads account farming training.
  10. Individual coaching on Google Ads, which includes multiple products, and team-building training.

Major Affiliate Marketing Academy

  • Training cost:$40-$50
  • Special features: a student’s account with step-by-step walkthrough, MAMA certificate
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 1-2 months
  • Website:

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The MAMA Academy has been on the education market since 2020, but the project is different from others. It is a user-friendly platform with a nice selection of products for various tasks.

Academy’s core value is niche training courses on affiliate marketing. There are Industry experts among the coaches. Special mention should be made of the user-friendly student’s account, with all the available courses and current progress monitoring.

The bootcamp provider has been actively involved in the establishment of the MAC conference and several other projects.

Products available:

  1. Traffic arbitrage toolkit: cloaks, anonymizers, SPY services, and trackers.
  2. Google Ads for beginners.
  3. Traffic arbitrage with cryptocurrency in Facebook.
  4. Traffic arbitrage from beginner’s level to Junior Media Buyer.
  5. App-athon: how to create and monetize apps?
  6. Native ads training course.


  • Training cost: $1,400
  • Special features: first lesson for free, student bonuses
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 12 coursepacks, 30 video lessons
  • Website:

ImproveTeam founders, Nikita Petrenko and Vadim Volochnyuk have been working in the gambling niche for about five years now.

They offer a Facebook gambling training course. The training is individual and includes 30 days of training, conference calls, and personal meetings with course authors in Kyiv. The five best students will have the opportunity to become a part of the ImproveTeam and the CPA RED team.

The training program includes the following topics:

  1. How to prepare and work with accounts?
  2. Account rental arrangement.
  3. How to work with logs and autoregs?
  4. How to select an affiliate program and an offer?
  5. How to work with apps?
  6. How to create an effective ad?
  7. How to track traffic? How to work with the AP account?
  8. How to launch an ad campaign?
  9. Analysis, optimization, and scaling.
  10. Facebook automation.
  11. Tips & tricks from ImproveTeam.
  12. Original training program by Google expert Bogdan Korostelov on universal app campaigns.


In case you have any disputes with a training provider, you can always contact us via @cpa_rip and we will try to help you resolve the situation.

Free training courses in traffic arbitrage

The main issue with free traffic arbitrage training courses is the relevance of the information. In most cases, the information they provide is relevant as of the course release date, with a few updates if any. But they will do to learn basics.


  • Training cost: free
  • Special features: a student’s account, video tutorials
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 9 lessons
  • Website:

It’s a training program by Lucky.Online CPA product network. As they say, they give all comers a unique and free-of-charge opportunity to learn how traffic arbitrage works so people can then make money.

For now, LuckyCenter has launched one training course on smart showcases. It took place in November 2020, but lessons are still available upon registration on the platform.

CPA Academy

  • Training cost: free
  • Special features: a student’s account, video tutorials, qualifications, and certificates
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: depends on the training program
  • Website:

It is an educational project by OFFERRUM (formerly ‘’), the largest affiliate network in Russia and the CIS. Training courses are presented in a video format. As of course-end, you must take qualifications.

Products available:

  1. Training on casino apps traffic arbitrage.
  2. Passive traffic from Youtube.
  3. Experimental traffic arbitrage with TikTok.
  4. How to get free traffic from WhatsApp?
  5. How to set up Google Ads?
  6. Google Display Network.
  7. How to make money on VK public pages?


  • Training cost: free
  • Special features: a student’s account, video tutorials + reading materials
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 24 hours
  • Website:

Affhub contains an affiliate marketing media created with the help of the Everad CPA Network. In April 2021, the project announced a free training course for beginners on niche basics.

The course is divided into six coursepacks. You must take a test after you’ve watched video tutorials and studied reading materials.

The training program includes the following topics:

  1. Industry basics.
  2. How to work with offers?
  3. How to work with Facebook?
  4. How to set up trackers?
  5. Cloaking and farming accounts.
  6. How to work with master accounts?

  • Training cost: free
  • Special features: reading materials, student bonuses
  • Level: Beginner
  • Duration: 16 lessons
  • Website:

The private affiliate network is well-known to all old-timers of affiliate marketing. Over the last few years, the domain has been repurposed as an educational source. The AP is run by the famous moneymaker, Evik, who is considered a powerhouse of traffic arbitrage.

The guys from offer a free training course on generating and monetizing traffic with apps. Lessons are presented in a form of long reads with illustrations and detailed explanations.

You’ll learn to:

  1. Create apps.
  2. Optimize and promote apps.
  3. Drive traffic from various sources like click-under and push notifications.
  4. Receive free traffic.

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