Email Marketing: Efficient Traffic Arbitrage Tool

Newsletters are a great way to increase your income as an affiliate specialist. Digital affiliate marketing is based on references. The fundamental idea behind digital marketing is to become a reliable source of information for your target audience. The success of an ad campaign is measured in such metrics as opened emails count, clicks in emails, and total conversion rate.

We have compiled an up-to-date guide on effective ad campaigns with email newsletters. In this article, we will discuss how to position yourself as a valid source of helpful information. Also, we’ll share tips that will help you increase clicks, conversions, and profit.

Efficient Email Marketing

If you want to attract and retain your audience via digital marketing, you must share content that leads to a purchase step-by-step. You can use different types of email templates for this. Hereby, we offer you a brief overview of the key newsletter types and strategies that will help you warm up the audience and retain the audience’s attention.

Welcome & Thank-You Letters

Let’s start with an insider tip: welcome letters provide the greatest audience engagement among all newsletter types. You can send out welcome letters to introduce your offers and brand to the audience, share important information about yourself and your company (or the brand you promote). 

How do I motivate the audience to open my follow-up emails all along and actively engage with the newsletter? Make your welcome letters memorable! Include freebies, YouTube videos, or links to the top blog posts.

Neil Patel’s newsletter is a fine example of a memorable welcome letter from Ubersuggest, where he offers new subscribers a list of featured links to sharable content and services upfront.

Of course, you should learn and apply welcome letter best practices. Here is some expert commentary:

  • The letter must begin with an individual greeting and information about letters to expect from you in the future. The designation of expectations is crucial because it assures people that opt-in emails will bring them a lot of benefits.
  • The welcome letter could and should be presented as an email workflow that may include from four to six letters. With a workflow of emails, you can share various valuable insights about yourself and your business.
  • Inform your recipients how to unsubscribe from your newsletter at once. E-mail services such as Gmail may classify your email address as spam if too many people complain about it. You might want to prevent complaints from the start and politely ask the recipient to unsubscribe from the newsletter if it’s irrelevant to him/her.
  • Ask subscribers to whitelist your email so that your emails don’t go to spam and people don’t miss out on valid information.
  • Invite your audience to follow you on social media and messengers. Expansion of brand encounters will help you communicate with each user more quickly.

Just remember one thing: when creating a welcome letter, focus on generating customer confidence in you and your offers. Don’t hesitate to pull out the big one at once. Encourage the audience with valuable insights that await them in each newsletter.

Informative Letters

Avoid being entrapped by a single topic by sending newsletters to your audience about affiliate marketing exceptionally. You must share various types of content and learn to serve the insights in pieces, creating suspense to raise expectations about your next letter. For example, your newsletter may contain featured links to blogs related to various topics, supplemented with the author’s storytelling in the message body.

Permanent bonuses encourage a high interest in the newsletter. Think over freebies you may offer your audience in the following letters. For example, fix a list of featured links to various services and expert commentary, guides, books, discounts, limited “one-time” offers, and so on.

By varying the type of content you share and providing value to your audience, you will maintain active engagement with your content. By the way, a survey is a great way to increase subscribers’ involvement in the newsletter. It will also provide valuable feedback from the audience. 

Let’s study the following case. Take a look at this email from Michelle Schroeder from Making Sense of Cents magazine. In her newsletter, she shares an article about the training course launched by her partners (featuring Michelle). The newsletter also includes a link to an interview with the founder of the training course.

Michelle leads her audience to buy a training course. However, one can call it an indirect approach compared to selling the training course by immediate reference. Michelle rather educates her audience, provides people with fragmented information, and seamlessly leads the audience to the target action.

Expert Letters

Before someone purchases via your affiliate link, they must be confident of your on-topic expertise. That is, the audience must see that you know what you are talking about. So, you first need to win subscribers’ trust. Make newsletter recipients believe that you understand their problems and are ready to offer a solution that will benefit them. 

Let’s consider a case to inspire you. Jess is a designer who shares useful information with her colleagues. At the end of each letter, Jess gives her advice and places a call to action.

How often do I need to send newsletters? Send out newsletters to your subscribers twice or three times a week. Make sure that each newsletter contains sharable content. If your newsletter is not ready, you might want to refrain from sending it today, so you secure users’ confidence tomorrow.

Here are three elements you must take into account when writing expert letters to build relationships with the audience:

  • TOV or the tone of a letter

From the very start, you must develop your “tone of voice” or original style of communication with the audience. When you write emails in a casual TOV, like it is from friends or colleagues, you position yourself as the person a reader is at ease with and with whom he/she establishes personal relationships. Thus, a newsletter with a simple friendly tone, supplemented with photos or videos, will help you establish deeper personal relationships with each subscriber.

  • Storytelling. 

Instead of a naked outline of facts and statistics, opt for interesting stories about yourself, share cases and fun facts from customer communication practice. The boosted storytelling skill will help you hold the audience’s attention and turn your newsletter into a life-lasting “love story” with an audience that is looking forward to your letters like children eagerly await Christmas Eve.

  • Personalized replies.

Do your best to reply to all your subscribers. Maintain personal follow-up communication with users interested in your product. This inspires their trust and motivates them to leave positive feedback.

Be confident and open when communicating with your audience. Discuss some of your failed cases and things you have learned from them. This will help you improve personal relationships and generate consumer confidence.

Sales Letters

Your main objective as an affiliate specialist is to promote your offers and push up sales. Of course, expertise and consumer trust are important. But you must keep up with the primary goal of the entire digital marketing campaign. It’s reasonable to first send sales emails twice a month and then weekly.

How do I make a successful sales letter? You don’t always have to focus on the product or service you are promoting. You can develop your advertising story with any person in mind and talk about real-life events. In other words, use feedback as social proof that your offer works and helps fix the target audience’s challenges.

Emails that contain gift ideas, sweepstakes, and seasonal promos also act as powerful sales and promotion tools. Don’t forget to include the bonus in every email.

Email Workflow

If you want to increase your income from affiliate marketing, consider a proven email workflow. For example, sending multiple emails about the latest offers for a few days in a row is a great way to increase your affiliate income.

You can use different types of newsletters. For example, if you have a limited seasonal promotion, you must send a newsletter on the first and last day of the promotion. These days of all others make a majority of the sales. Of course, you can send more than two emails but try not to over-spam people.

The key to an effective newsletter is the variety of the content. Efficient sales letters must include a FAQ newsletter, a newsletter with feedback, and short notice about the expiration of a special offer.

Countdown Timer

Countdown timers may give your subscribers a strong reason to “buy now” because they trigger a sense of urgency. This tool provides your audience with a visual indicator that if they do not take action now, they will miss out on a good opportunity to save money and get what they want. 

How do I add a countdown timer to a newsletter? Just insert a line of code into the email template. You can obtain such codes in the public domain and use them for free. In case you completely flip out when saying “code”, ask a freelancer to do that for you or hire a full-time specialist. See below how it might look in an email:

For countdown timers to perform well, you must combine a sincere sense of urgency with valuable information. Go easy on it, otherwise, your product might lose customers’ credibility.

There are three principles every affiliate specialist should know and follow in their newsletter: limited supply, urgency, and exclusivity.

Product Value & Bonuses

Exclusive and original bonuses will help you stand out from the competition and increase conversion. These bonuses may be represented by e-books, movies, or audio files. 

There are three ways to obtain bonuses to use in your newsletter:

  1. Request bonuses from the product originator (advertiser or affiliate network). They are willing to help their affiliates to sell as much as possible and attract relevant traffic. Believe me, professionals do have favorable bonuses covered to increase the value of their offers. 
  2. Create and distribute your bonuses. Often, they don’t even require to be created from scratch. You can customize materials you’ve already used and turn them into a new information product. You may reissue some of your videos into an e-book or release a bonus video, or podcast based on them.
  3. You can use PLR products (Private Label Rights) – a type of product that allows the buyer to modify the product, sell it and resell rights for it. You must pay a commission fee for these products and then can resell them or give them away as bonuses. PLR content may also be represented as articles or videos.

Another good idea is to create a bonus page and lead your subscribers there. Instead of sharing your affiliate link in the message body, you can offer users to follow the link to the landing page where you promote your affiliate offers. Here is a case illustrating how Stripo applied this method in his newsletter.

Permanent bonuses can be a great motivator for your subscribers to increase their expenses and bring you more profit. As a case in point, let’s assume that you offer training courses. Then, you can provide pieces of the training program as a bonus. For example, if your subscribers buy four lessons, they will get the fifth one for free.


Email marketing is one of the most efficient communication channels with your audience. You can also use this channel to increase revenue if you follow the right strategy.

Hereby, we discussed various types of newsletters and strategies that you can apply for better customer relations and profit margins from affiliate activities. 

Let’s sum it up. The use of various newsletter types is essential. To give your newsletter a sense of urgency and inspire the audience to purchase your product, place a countdown timer in the newsletter. Offer various bonuses to the audience and use proven email workflow to raise sales. Establish trusting relationships with your subscribers and demonstrate your expertise regularly. Improve your digital marketing skills and increase your income!

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