Nutra in Local Ad Networks: How to Profit in Africa, Asia, and Europe?

In today’s traffic arbitrage context, there are many sources, both freemium and commercial, which imply certain rules (GEO, offer, target audience, etc.), because they select all the criteria for ad campaigns for pre-existing traffic and in no case otherwise. Today, we would like to consider local traffic sources and the general principles related to the nutra and traffic arbitrage in Africa, Asia, and Europe, of course.

In simple terms, the local traffic source is the data transmitted within one local site, which, in our case, is represented by a certain region. After all, there are platforms popular within one or more regions alongside the world-class Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook*, Instagram*, Twitter, etc. 

What does this mean for a webmaster who works with nutra offers? What profit can they obtain by working with local traffic sources in these regions? What are the advantages and risks in this case? We will consider these questions herein.

What Sources Can I Use When Working with Nutra in the Non-CIS Market?

  • Global platforms (listed above) that prohibit the publication of nutra-related ads, which consequently gets your ad campaign banned along with the account and the ad cabinet. Further placement on these websites takes a lot of time and tinkering since everything needs to be set up and prepared anew, including the landing page, a scheme, etc. Advanced webmasters carefully prepare accounts, use the cloak, and know all the ins and outs of the AC customization so that their accounts last longer and perform well.
  • Global platforms that are more forgiving to the nutra and have fewer restrictions for ad campaigns (Opera Ads, TikTok, MGID, and AdsKeeper). Consequently, there are fewer bans here if you keep to the rules of the platform and are reasonable with creatives. Ads that demonstrate the particular benefit from the promoted product may pass moderation without the cloak which makes these sources attractive to webmasters who just start in traffic arbitrage.
  • Local sources: various platforms specific to each particular region with a first-party ad policy. Among the advantages of working with such sources are low moderation requirements and minor competition among webmasters which affects the CR and your potential earnings. You benefit by choosing a source in the non-CIS market, but to skim the cream from the GEO that has not yet been squeezed out, you will first have to learn the principles and rules of working with these platforms, and their TA, language, best creative options, etc.

Each of the platforms listed below implies certain issues and has its ups and downs, but it also may bring you a 100% ROI at a push. However, let’s get back to our topic and dive into the principles of working with nutra offers on local sources in the non-CIS market.

How and Where to Drive the Nutra Traffic in Africa?

In 2022, Africa is gaining momentum. There are new GEOs and offers with a good CR that have not yet been squeezed out. One can conveniently classify Africa into regions with a good business environment, high purchasing power, and approval rate (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, etc.), hence higher competition among webmasters. There are also regions (Mali, Ivory Coast, Kenya, etc.) that gain popularity and pull back webmasters, where traffic is driven slower, payouts may be lower, but the CR is pleasing.

In every African region, there are separate local networks, unrelated to one another.

It is worth mentioning that the hot climate, poor healthcare and sanitation in some countries with the prevalent agricultural industry, aging population, and companion problems among both men and women make the nutra very popular and marketable all over the continent. To cut a long story short, every human being wants to be pretty and healthy, and the people of Africa aren’t any different. The key is to select the right target audience from the start.

Let’s consider local sources for nutra offers:

  • Let’s start with one of the top platforms in the GCC and MENA regions, namely the Speakol Platform (native ads network). It’s a very convenient platform with a user-friendly interface that is growing in commerce year to year and welcomes beauty and health product ads.
  • Jubna is another equally popular native network. It is headquartered in the UAE and beneficial for both advertisers and webmasters.
  • AdFalcon is a software advertising platform in the MENA region with mobile ads for advertisers and webmasters.
  • EngageYa is one of the largest platforms for native ads (with an outreach of 40 billion monthly views) in North Africa. Among their advantages are a multi-vertical focus, low competition, and a friendly policy towards ads related to beauty and health care products.
  • You can also promote your product (business) on the NG Adverts Platform which will provide visibility to a large number of websites targeting Africa and Nigeria.

How and Where to Drive the Nutra Traffic in Asia?

Asian regions will be of interest to webmasters regardless of their skills. Some countries have inexpensive traffic (Bangladesh, Nepal, Cambodia, etc.) and there are regions (Oman, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.) with a high CPL and competition, which shifts the approach and AC preps.


  • As to local sources, we can single out platforms with high reach levels in Asian regions – Dable and Popin, where moderators are loyal to the nutra offers, so if you want to try driving traffic in Asian regions, then these are the best platforms for you.
  • Yengo is a teaser network focused on commodities (perfect for the nutra offers) and known for good traffic quality.
  • LINE is a local social network where you can place ad banners along with photos and articles. 
  • Macaw is a multi-vertical native ads platform covering mainly Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. It is well suited for nutra offers. They also provide support for Russian-speaking users, which facilitates AC customization.
  • AdvertNative is another native ads network that cooperates with news sites and covers such regions as Vietnam, Indonesia, and India. It is quite easy to pass the ad review (but be careful with creatives for men’s health products). They can also provide a Russian-speaking account manager who can advise with creos and ads customization.
  • Adsmart is a network focused on traffic related to news (both mobile and desktop traffic is supported); they work with any niche and any type of traffic.
  • CocCoc is a search engine focused on the Vietnamese market. Here, you can place dropout ads, banner ads, or place ads on affiliate websites..

How and Where to Drive the Nutra Traffic in Europe?


In Europe, there is certainly a large selection of GEOs for webmasters from Tier-1 and Tier-2 countries list. Given the great competition among webmasters, you must carefully prepare your AC to get a good CPL when launching the nutra offer. Launching the AC in local networks may provide a substantial advantage for a webmaster and diminish competition in the market.

Let’s consider local European networks in detail:

  • Content Exchange is a native ads network that places widgets on websites. To create and customize widgets, a webmaster just has to embed the code on their website according to the manual and make a deposit, all other technical matters are handled by the network. The Related Company operates the same way. 
  • Adrino is a Polish native ads network.
  • Midas Network is a native network that operates by the PPC model and is very popular among residents of Croatia, where ads are impressed in the RSS feed.
  • Etarget is an IT network in Central and Eastern Europe. In this case, operations, ads launching criteria, currency, and payment models are country-specific.
  • EasyPlatform is an online advertising platform that reaches millions of users in Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia. The network supports multiple verticals and operates according to the RRS model. The nutra offers are allowed by an exclusive give-and-take relationship (customizable native ads, static banners, interactive HTML5 rich media banners).

How to Withdraw Money and Replenish the Ad Cabinet When Working with Local Networks?


When working with local networks, you must anticipate that some payments may take a long time (because of the banking transfer system), which will affect your business processes. Given the payment delays, you must either be proactive or seek other options.

In today’s reality, money transfers have become even more challenging, so a growing number of webmasters are opting for electronic currencies. Each local network has its e-currency withdrawal policy, so you might want to get this straight with customer support right away. For some platforms, this is possible provided they have a Russian-speaking account manager (to arrange money transfer via manager so you can replenish your ad cabinet).

And of course, there are wallets for cash transactions.

How Can I Find Local Networks Myself?

If you want to explore local networks globally to launch the nutra offers, then you can use the SimillarWeb Service (it analyzes the required resource for visits, audience, GEO data, keywords, traffic, competition, etc.). 

How does it work? Select the required region, check the “News and Media” category, and study the websites it offers by rating and visits. Go to the selected website, monitor beauty and health ads, and seek the manager’s contact details or the source. Then, study their terms and conditions, signup, or contact the account manager.


Local platforms are a honey pie for a webmaster, they may provide the boldest with an excellent ROI and an impressive profit. For this, you just need a little time to figure out their features and criteria for ad campaigns, then it will be all plain sailing! we care about your profit!

(Facebook* and Instagram* are banned in the territory of the Russian Federation).

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