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Trial, SS, or COD: Which One is Best in 2022?

Nutra (Health and Beauty) is one of the most stable and upcoming verticals on the market. It is relevant because it helps people stay healthy and beautiful, which every human being strives for, regardless of their age, religious beliefs, location, and solvency. All of the above makes nutra the TOP vertical by online purchases and subscribers.

This vertical includes various niches with their action profile, features, and response from a diverse audience (adult products, anti-aging, weight loss solutions, joints, hypertension, hair, etc.). Consequently, webmasters approach ad campaigns in different ways, based on tests and thorough analytics. Health and beauty products are freely allowed for advertising since they are categorized as dietary supplements, and according to the papers they are not considered medicinal products.

Nutra Advantages

  • Health and beauty products are relevant in any season thanks to the niche variety and the stable assortment renewal;
  • There is an option to select GEO according to your budget (you might want to read our guide: “How to Select GEO & Nutra Offer in” It’s an in-depth analysis of Tier-1, -2, and -3 countries); there are regions with a low entry threshold that are best for beginners;
  • There’s a wide selection of offers and niches to work with (learn more about nutra niches here);
  • You can choose GEO based on the market competition among webmasters;
  • You can opt for trending offers that provide a good profit at a certain time;
  • A wide target audience, targeting options for any age and gender (given the creatives are appropriately selected);
  • High webmaster rates for certain regions (SS and Trial payouts in Tier-1 may start from $40);
  • Various traffic sources and advertising formats.

What are the Challenges?

  • Lead conversion;
  • High competition in Tier-1 countries, therefore a beginner might want to start with Tier-2 or -3;
  • High traffic quality requirements (especially for Trial offers), which affects the webmaster’s rate and KPI;
  • The outcome may not depend on the webmaster (this includes call center operations and the availability of goods in stock from the advertiser). 

All of the above is balanced by the webmaster’s experience and their competent communication with an account manager who knows all the risks and terms for the given offer, GEO, and advertiser.

Nutra Billing

The nutra is distinguished by billing models – COD, SS, or TRIAL, – that affect the webmaster’s choice of promotion strategy and the region, and their earnings as well. Sure, you have already encountered these abbreviations in the AP when selecting an offer. 

In a loose sense, these models vary according to the following criteria:

  • COD – the user pays for the goods upon delivery.
  • SS – the user pays for the goods with a bank card upon checkout on the landing page.
  • Trial – the user pays for a product subscription (first, they are delivered a free sample; they only pay for delivery the first time). Then, they are debited monthly and delivered the goods.

In this article, we’ll consider each billing model in detail and highlight its nuances.

Trial – Goods by Subscription

The Trial funnel is as follows: you must encourage a potential customer to subscribe to the product and enter their payment details.

The user who is interested in the ad (creative) follows the link to the pre-landing page, where they can find all the necessary information about the product. Taking interest in the product, they follow the link from the pre-landing to the landing page. The funnel closes when the customer enters their bank card details on the advertiser’s website and receives a sample of the product for free or at a good discount, paying for delivery only. Thus, the customer enables a monthly subscription to the product.

Rebilling is a repeated order of goods carried out automatically every month: the full amount is debited from the customer’s bank card and the goods are delivered to them.” 

Therefore, the conversion in this case happens when the customer enters their payment details on the website and subscribes. So, the “Approval Rate” is inapplicable for this billing model because it’s 100% instant. The advertiser is very careful about the traffic quality, which is determined by the rebilling percentage. They verify the authenticity of the bank card details and that it belongs to the real subscriber.

Given the traffic volume is higher than 60% after a few weeks (on average, the rebilling occurs after 14 days), then such traffic is considered qualified and the webmaster can count on favorable KPI and scaling terms. If the rebilling percentage is below the required level, then the advertiser bears significant expenses associated with an unprofitable product and webmaster’s payout, which may result in the suspension of traffic and termination of the business relationship.

This billing model is common in Tier-1 countries, as there are no online shopping limitations and customers can pay for goods with their debit or credit cards. The target audience in these countries is familiar with such a purchasing scheme and can afford this kind of monthly expenses if necessary (the key is to motivate the customer to purchase; the market is overstocked with various offers, hence the high competition among webmasters).

Trial Offers in

21807 – Vita Sential ACV Gummies – Trial – [US] -$40 (Weight loss)
20838- Male Power+ – Trial – [GB]– $24 (Enhancement)

Trial Pre-Landing Pages

What’s an Upsale Trial & How Does It Work?

Apart from motivating the customer to get a product for free, Trial offers may include product upsell mechanics often represented as a large discount when purchasing several packages of goods or an offer to complete an order with accessory items on the landing page after the customer has entered their payment details (pop-up page). For example, they may offer to purchase relevant vitamins or dietary supplements along with weight-loss tea.

For a successful upsell, the webmaster must lead the customer to purchase another product by stimulating their interest. The webmaster may mention it on the landing page or create a logic chain demonstrating products’ efficiency taken together, etc.

The upsell rate is equal to the cost per lead while the percentage of upsales in the nutra may reach up to 50-70% of the total leads. So, the webmaster has an opportunity to significantly increase their income given they can motivate the customer to subscribe.

From all of the above, it follows that Trial offers require extensive preparations and analytical efforts, well-established testing methods, and a creative approach due to the specifics of the promotion strategy. However, if you are well aware of the sales funnel, then you can obtain quite a good profit from Trial products.

SS (Straight Sale) – Purchase of Goods via a Bank Card Upon Checkout on the Landing Page

The SS funnel implies motivating the customer to proceed to checkout right away. In this case, the customer may also be offered favorable purchase terms: the more goods they have in the cart, the lower the cost per unit will be. 

How Does It Work?

The customer interested in the creative follows the link to the pre-landing page, where they learn all the information about the product. If the product suits them and they like the offer (respond to the problem and the solution), then they are redirected to the advertiser’s landing page via the link on the pre-landing page. The classic landing page of SS offer provides three options to choose from that either complement each other or vary in packaging. The key is to properly warm up your customer on pre-landing and landing pages to encourage them to purchase several products thereby increasing the quality of traffic. After selecting the necessary items, the customer pays for the goods on the landing page via a bank card followed by immediate conversion.

Thus, there is no rebilling system for SS offers (like with Trial offers); the webmaster does not depend on call center operations, approval percentage, or KPI (which is typical for COD offers). With a viable promotion strategy and quality traffic, the webmaster can scale up without hesitation. The webmaster is paid for each purchase, i.e., for each conversion. At first, it may seem that obtaining a conversion is more challenging this way but the payout, in this case, is also higher: from $65 – $140 in

SS offers are in high demand in Tier-1 countries (mainly the USA) since their quality of life and purchasing power is higher. Tier-1 residents are also very familiar with online shopping and can afford to make quick and impulsive purchases. 

What’s the Webmaster’s Payout?

The advertiser evaluates the quality of the traffic by the average cost of the customer’s cart. Therefore, the more associated goods in the cart, the higher the traffic quality. The advertiser considers this factor when negotiating bumps and higher traffic volumes. They usually evaluate traffic after ten conversions. Note that the information on the pre-landing and landing pages must fully meet the expectations and needs of the customer to eliminate the possibility of returns (chargeback).

SS Pre-Landing Pages

When developing a promotion strategy for Trial and SS offers, they use an approach similar to COD offers. Depending on the GEO, the webmaster decides on the approach and then develops their strategy and conducts further tests.

Let’s study the basic approaches they use for SS and Trial nutra offers:

  • Creatives: a catchy headline naming a problem and a ready-made solution (an image of a product package is allowed).
  • Classic and viable approach of demonstrating the “before” and “after” result.

  • Stories by real users about their problems and the solution they discovered thanks to the product.

  • Photos of popular doctors who provide a lot of figures and facts, and speak about medical research.

  • Media persons (movie stars, athletes, bloggers) informing about the benefits of the product in every GEO.
  • Polls, promotions, timers, roulettes, sweepstakes, etc. on the landing page.

  • Real customer feedback (a real-life photo of a product package adds value).

Why Working with SS & Trial Offers is Profitable?

  • Your sales and approval rate do not depend on the call center operations.
  • The conversion counts upon the purchase on the website.
  • No scaling limitations if you provide high-quality traffic and have an efficient promotion strategy.
  • Tier-1 regions have a solvent audience who tend to make regular and quick online purchases. 
  • The approach towards these schemes may be similar to COD offers, which is a big win for the webmaster. You must study the target audience of the GEO you’ve selected in Tier-1 and adjust your promotion strategy to another billing model and the new approach. 

COD – Cash on Delivery

COD is perhaps the most common model available in any region, however, it is the most profitable in Tier-2 and -3 regions (since the population rarely uses bank cards for online shopping).

This model has the following funnel: a customer intrigued by a catchy creative follows the link to the pre-landing or landing page of the offer, where they can learn more about the product. If the customer is interested in the product, they submit a purchase request (with their phone no. and name) and wait for a call from the call center to confirm and complete the purchase and delivery (advertiser’s area of responsibility; upsales are possible when they communicate with the customer). The customer pays for goods upon delivery.

COD offers include AR and CR indicators. That is, the final conversion and the desired lead are considered approved only after the customer pays for the product. When working with beginners, some AP may delay the payout to check the quality of traffic; only then the webmaster will be able to withdraw their money. If the webmaster provides high-quality traffic, the advertiser may raise their rate and assign additional KPI.

When paying for goods on delivery, the customer takes no risk, so obtaining conversions is quite easy given you have a correct promotion strategy. However, there are some risks the webmaster may encounter: the customer may become unsatisfied with the quality of the product or delivery terms, or they may refuse to purchase at any stage of the funnel, which reduces the webmaster’s income. In most cases, you can neutralize these risks by cooperating with a reliable AP, communicating regularly with an account manager, and developing an efficient promotion scheme.

When developing a promotion strategy for these offers, you can use common and classic nutra promotion approaches (or search for creatives and schemes in various spy services), adapting them to the GEO and needs of your target audience.

COD Offers in

20203 – Moring Slim Free – COD – [PL]- Private

20622 – CardioBalance – COD – [CL]– $22 

20192 – Meso Sculptus – COD – [IN] – Private

COD Pre-Landing Pages

COD Landing Pages


Hereby, we have considered the fundamental billing models and their similarities and dissimilarities. If you’re a beginner, you might want to start with COD offers as they work well in Tier-2, -3 countries. After you gradually improve your skills, you can switch to Tier-1 and SS and Trial offers.

It’s important that you thoroughly analyze your target audience, conduct tests, and make proper creatives. Your outcome will also depend on your choice of the AP and their assistance in achieving the desired outcome within any strategy you choose! we care about your profit!

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