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Capitalist Virtual Cards: How to Sign Up, Verify Account, and Issue Card?

Here’s our step-by-step guide on Capitalist Payment System where you’ll learn how to sign up, verify an account, replenish it and issue a virtual card in to work with the Facebook Ad Cabinet.

Capitalist Online Payment System is an online payment system that allows mass payments and accepts funds with no need to open an account in payment systems. With Capitalist, you can work with a variety of currencies, including cryptocurrency.

On top of that, Capitalist allows a massive issue of virtual cards of a European bank that works with Facebook Ads.

Google Ads only allows Capitalist cards as a secondary payment method. That is, you must first bind any other card as a primary payment method, carry out a transaction and only then can you bind the Capitalist Card.

How Much is the Virtual Cards Service?

Card issue: 2.95 USD, 2.65 EUR
Monthly service per card: 2.7 USD, 2.4 EUR
Card replenishment from Capitalist account: 3.3% USD/EUR (min. 3.5 USD/EUR)
Bank operations: 0.5 USD/EUR per operation
Refund to Capitalist account from card: 1 USD/EUR

Total: ~$10 per card.

First-billing with Capitalist cards is prohibited: to avoid blocking of the card product on your account, you must comply with an ad policy and follow procedural fairness.

How to Sign Up?

  • Go to and create a new wallet
  • Fill in all the required fields
  • Select “Private account”

  • In the drop-down list, select the appropriate business dimension

  • You can also fill in the contact details (optional)

  • Enter a captcha, agree with the rules and click “Sign up”

How to Verify an Account?

The Verified Status is assigned when you provide and confirm your ID, as well as documents evidencing your registration address.

  • Click on the profile menu
  • Next, click on the “Not verified” status 

You can verify the wallet with your real ID, or opt for specialized services

  • Fill in all required fields as indicated in your documents

  • Select the document category, for example, a government-issued ID
  • Fill in all the required fields

  • High-resolution images are required for verification

  • Next, specify the registration address as indicated in the documents

  • To confirm the address, you must upload some of the following documents (registration page from the passport of the Russian citizen won’t work):

  • A bank statement is the best option (yours or friend’s)
  • Submit documents for verification and wait until the verification is complete

When assigned a “Verified” status, you can proceed to the next step.

How to Replenish a Capitalist Wallet?

To issue a virtual card, you must pay a commission, so there should be a required amount to pay for the commission on the balance.

You can replenish the USD wallet via the exchanger at once But the exchange rate isn’t that profitable, so you might want to replenish the wallet with cryptocurrency, like USDT, for example.

  • Select “Balance replenishment” in the left menu
  • Next, select the USDT Tether (Erc20 or Trc20) replenishment method

  • Please note that the minimum deposit is 5 USDT
  • Select Erc20 or Trc20 network (it’s important to select the right one)
  • You’ll be provided with payment instructions: the wallet ID to transfer USDT to
  • In case you don’t have a USDT wallet, you can use exchangers at

After the USDT has been deposited to the Capitalist Wallet, you must exchange it for the USD. The internal exchange operations are carried out with no fee charged.

  • Click “Currency exchange” in the main menu 
  • Select currency to exchange
  • Click “Exchange”

How to Issue Capitalist Virtual Cards?

So, you now have money in your USD wallet and can proceed to issue cards

  • Click “Cards” in the left menu
  • And “Issue a card”

Note. Only EU citizens are allowed to issue the Capitalist Virtual Card

In case you verified your account with your ID, you must provide your address as if you are a European citizen. Use Google Maps to obtain the European address of residence. In case you used specialized services to verify an ID, you can specify the details you obtained with an ID.

  • Fill in your details, contact information, and address
  • Click “Continue”

  • At the next step, select the wallet to pay for the card issue
  • Specify the deposit amount

  • Click “Continue”

Your virtual card is ready. You can now bind it to Facebook.

Note: virtual Capitalist cards do not support 3D Secure and won’t work with Google Play or Apple Pay.

There’s an option to issue cards en masse. Each card requires different personal details.

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